History test unit 2

Carnegie, Vanderbelt, and Rockfeller are considered by some to be _______ of industry and bu others to be _______________.
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In the 1880's immigrants would have supported__________.Labor UnionsBusiness leaders used the _____________ to limit labor unions by claiming they interfered with trade.Sherman-Antitrust ActThe __________ made gov, more efficient and responsive to public needs.Progressive movementIn cities like New York, _________were organized to help new immigrants find resources in exchange for votes.Political machines___________ is the term used to describes the growth in cities.Urbanizationimmigration to the U.S. from Japan was restricted by the _________.Gentlemen's AgreeThe ____________ decreased Chinese immigration to the U.S.Chinese Exclusion ActWorking class __________ was usually a supporter of a political machine.ImmigrantsRacial & ethnic prejudice, native born Americans wanting to eliminate cultural differences between immigrants and Americans, and the increase in number of immigrants in the late 19th century, led to the____________.Americanization Movement____________ were workers used by management to break strikes.scabsThe pure food and drug act and the meat inspection were passed of the novel____________.The jungle____________ came to America for Religious freedom because of poor economic conditions in their homeland, and for job opportunities.Immigrants.A growing population, new innovations, and an abundance of natural resources led to ___________ growth of the U.S.IndustrialThe ___________ hated the railroads and big business.PopulistsSalvation by helping the poor and improving urban life were the main themes of ____________.Social Gospel MovementA __________ is when one company competes with and destroys its competitors.monopolyWhen a number or multiple businesses cooperate with and destroys the profits, that is known as a _______________.TrustThe populist called for free and unlimited coinage of _____________.SilverDuring the _____________ movement, some immigrants ______________ giving up part of their traditional culture.Americanization; ResentedDue to the ___________ and ______________ public opinion turned against the labor movement, unions disappeared from the workforce, and employees were prohibited from joining unions.Homestead strike; Hay market affair._____________ were attacked by social reformers who felt they were controlling city politics in a corrupt way.Political MachinesThe goal of the _________________________ was to lower excessive railroad rares and prevent railroad abuses.Interstate Commerce ActThe strongest or "most fit" businesses surviving and weaker businesses being eliminated describe the ideology known as_______________.Social Darwinism