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A good backpack...

Has a waist strap

Benefits of Muscular Endurance exercise...

1. Decreased body fat 2. Ability to work longer without tiring 3. Stronger bones

Using Steroids as a teenager might cause...

Bones to stop growing

Spending 5 weeks on endurance training, followed by 5 weeks on strength training, followed by 5 weeks on both stregth and endurance training is an example of...


Drugs are different from supplements in that they...

require testing and approval from the food and drug administration

The best way to begin to manage your time better is to...

Keep track of your time

A machine that measures muscle tension is called...


Muscular endurance exercises should be done...

3-6 days per week

Drugs that are similar to the male hormone testerone are called...

Anabolic steroids

A guideline for muscular endurance exercise

Breathe normally during the exercise

Jumping drills done to improve power are examples of...


When weight training for muscular endurance, you should increase the weight when you can easily do...

3 sets of 25 reps

A food supplement that can act like anabolic steroids in the body is...


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