Chapter 14 Section 3

Herbert Hoover
President, during the Great Depression, who tried to reassure Americans that the nation's economy was on a sound footing
Boulder Dam
a dam, now called Hoover Dam, built on the Colorado River during the Great Depression as part of a public-works program intended to stimulate business and provide jobs
Federal Home Loan Bank Act
a law that lowered home mortgage rates and allowed farmers to refinance their loans and avoid foreclosure
Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
an agency established to provide emergency financing to banks, life-insurance companies, railroads and other large businesses
Bonus Army
a group of WWI veterans and their families who marched on Washington D.C. to demand immediate payment of a bonus they had been promised for military service
-Boulder Dam
-Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
-Disbanded the Bonus Army
-Federal Home Loan Bank Act
Hoover's responses to the Great Depression