SWE 3313: Quiz 2: Chapter 3 & 4

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Software engineering must include the code and regulations that its members must uphold to be judged as a(n):
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Which one of the following is not one of the characteristics of software or software projects that the U.S. General Accounting Office "highlighted"?High customer satisfactionWhich model gave project managers a way to describe the actual status versus "almost complete"?Waterfall modelThe RUP framework is driven by which of the following major concepts?Use-case and requirements, Architecture centric, and Iterative and incrementalProjects take a longer time with poor end products and, in worse situations, total project failure because of inconsistency in the:tasks to be performed and order to perform the tasks.You are working on requirement specification #22 and you define it to be "completed," which means:all specifications have been reviewed by the customers and other stakeholders, all exceptions found during the requirement review are changed, and the modified specifications are accepted by all parties.Which of the following could improve the waterfall model?Develop multiple components, Overlap the development, and Be more evolutionaryRequirement specification can be tested with:hand-drawn screens and a prototype.The distinct tasks to develop software are:requirements, design, code, test, integrate, and packageProgrammers left alone will often think the single most important task in the development of software is:coding.The need to develop multiple components, to overlap the development, and to be more evolutionary leads to the:incremental model and spiral model.Which of the following is one of Davis's early principles for testing?Inspect code. Get it right before you make it faster. High-quality software is possible.