Physical Education 2 Test 6

Exercises that use outside forces rather than your own muscles are...
The expert most qualified to tell you about diet, food and nutrition
Registered Dietitian
An example of a reliable consumer protection agency
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
If you decide to join a health club, you should...
Choose a facility with fitness experts
A health and fitness website is most reliable when...
It is run by a well known agency or organization
Involving collecting a wide variety of information and investigating options
Critical thinking
Using false advertising to sell worthless products
The best way to protect yourself against quackery is to...
Educate yourself about potential cons and fraud
What is a good indicator of a questionable exercise video?
Presents high- intensity exercises after the warm-up
One of the best methods for losing excess body fat is...
Aerobic activity
What is true about proper food supplements?
they are intended to add to a person's nutrient consumption
The practice of quackery with the intent of deceiving others for financial gain is...