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information technology

development, management, and support of computer-based hardware and software systems


a collection of related facts

electronic medical record

electronic collection and management of health data

HIPAA security rule

regulations outlining the minimum administrative, technical, and physical safeguards required to prevent unauthorized access to protected health care information

electronic data interchange

the exchange of routine business transactions from one computer to another using publicly available communications protocals

HIPAA transaction and code sets standards

regulations requiring electronic transactions such as claim transmission to use standardized formats

electronic funds transfer

a system that transfers money electronically

X12-837 health care claim

HIPAA standard format for electronic transmission of a professional claim from a provider to a helath plan


a service company that recieves electronic or paper claims from the provider, checks and prepares them for processing, and transmits them in HIPAA-complaint format to the correct carriers


a computer logic system that compares information on a claim for consistency

audit/edit report

a report from a clearinghouse that lists errors to be corrected before a claim can be submitted to the payer

business associate

an organization providing services to a health care provider that involve processing protected health information

walkout statement

a document listing charges and payments that is given to a patient after an office visit

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