Communications Jeoparody

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What is a type of listening that enhances psychological, physical, and relational health
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Taking medical advice from a movie star is this effect.Dunning-Kruger EffectThese powers only exert compliance levels of influenceCoercive, reward, legitimateHaving trouble finding the word to describe a feeling.AlexithymiaAccidental, emotional, and rhetorical communication can all do this.Exert InfluenceWin-Win approach to conflictIntegrative conflictKeeping the interaction on the topic in order to meet your goal while maintaining the other persons face.Social Communication CompetenceFriendship that requires individuals to co-construct the individual and dyadic realitiesPostmodern friendshipHow much information and how many topics go into this theory.Social Penetration TheoryBeing available to this stable friendshipActive friendshipThese folks "collect" friends, they are always open to friendships, and accept new friends as their life changes.AcquisitiveThese siblings are low on warmth and low on hostility.UninvolvedThese couples are the only ones that are low on conflict engagement.SeparatesThis family has children who are beginning to think about starting themselves off as young singles soon, marked with high levels of parent/child conflictFull Nest ThreeA pictorial representation of a family and its relationships.GenogramHigh levels of socio orientation and low levels of concept orientationProtective