Health Chapter 11

Positive psychology focuses on _________ rather than mental illness.
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When you experience ________, what you are doing, although requiring great effort, feels effortless.flowPeople often ignore warning signs for problems or illnesses, or mask them for a quick fix. What is a far better option when dealing with mindbody signals?Discover the cause of the problemWhich of the following statements about how touch affects us are true?Touch can lead to a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol A supportive touch releases the hormone oxytocin Touch can be distressing for someone who has been abusedWhich of the following is NOT part of EduGuide's "HEALTHY" acronym for listening?LearningWhich of the following are good guidelines for resolving conflicts?Keep behavior separate from the individual Put your relationship and your respect for one another first Listen to the other person before trying to defend your own positionAccording to the book I and Thou, by philosopher Martin Buber, it's in relationships that we findmeaning in life.Which of the following best describe assertiveness?Communicating clearly and honestly___________ is basically any physical activity that takes place in nature such as gardening, hiking, boating, horseback riding, and kite flying.Green exerciseJust like keeping your body fit, nurturing long-term relationships requires a commitment that comes fromwithin you.Lexi is a college student on a full academic scholarship. Her college is far from home, and she takes care of herself. She does her own laundry, manages her class schedule, buys her own books, etc. Lexi spends a lot of time getting ready before she leaves her dorm room. She needs her friends to think she is pretty and smart. Where is Lexi on the maturation continuum?Emotional dependencePsychologists distinguish between what two types of love?Companionate love Passionate loveIn anxious attachments, youfeel emotionally needy and fear rejection.Which of the following is NOT a sign of co-dependency?AssertivenessLonely people tend to have which of the following?Higher blood pressure Poorer nutrition Higher cortisol productionIt is healthy to view loneliness as atrigger.