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soy chistoso

I'm funny (boy)

soy chistosa

I'm funny (girl)

soy cómico

soy chistoso

soy cómica

soy chistosa

soy consentido

I'm spoiled (boy)

soy consentida

I'm spoiled (girl)

mi cabello es corto

my hair's short

soy egoísta

I'm selfish (boy or girl)

soy encantador

I'm charming (boy)

soy encantadora

I'm charming (girl)

el problema es enorme

the problem is enormous

los problemas son enormes

the problems are enormous

es fascinante

s/he/it is fascinating

es fastidioso

he's irritating; es irritante

es fastidiosa

she's irritating; es fastidiosa

soy feliz

I'm a happy person (a positive person)

es feliz

s/he is a happy person (a positive person)

soy fiel

I'm faithful (boy or girl)

soy gordito

I'm chubby (boy)

soy gordita

I'm chubby (girl)

soy juguetón

I'm playful (boy) (I tease others a lot.)

soy juguetona

I'm playful (girl) (I tease others a lot.)

es guay

s/he/it is cool (se dice en España)

soy impaciente

I'm impatient (boy or girl)

es interesante

s/he/it is interesting

mi cabello es largo

mi hair is long

mi cabello es liso

my hair is straight (mi cabello es lacio)

mi cabello es rizado

my hair is curly

mi cabello es mediano

my hair is medium (length)

es semejante

it is similar

es sencillo

he/it is simple (uncomplicated)

es sencilla

she/it is simple (uncomplicated)

es sincero

he is sincere

es sincera

she is sincere

es soñador

he's a dreamer

es soñadora

she's a dreamer

es pequeño

he/it is small

es pequeña

she/it is small

es pesado

he/it is heavy or boring or serious

es pesada

she/it is heavy or boring or serious

es peligroso

he/it is dangerous

es peligrosa

she/it is dangerous

es travieso

he's a trouble-maker

es traviesa

she's a trouble-maker

es ruidoso

it/he's noisy

es ruidosa

it/she's noisy

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