Bio Ch. 25

Which pair of alternatives is highlighted by the life cycle of the cellular slime molds, such as Dictyostelium?
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In a sample of pond water, a new organism is identified with the following characteristics: It consists of 70 cells surrounded by rigid cell walls that join the cells together. Inside each of these identical cells are mitochondria and chloroplasts. Such an organism would most likely be classified as a
Which of the following is correctly described as a primary producer?diatomPlease use the following information to answer the questions below.You are given four test tubes, each containing an unknown protist. Your task is to read the following description and match these four protists to the correct test tube.When red and blue light are shone on the tubes, oxygen bubbles accumulate on the inside of test tubes 1 and 2. Chemical analysis of test tube 1 indicates the presence of a chemical that is toxic to fish and humans. Chemical analysis of test tube 2 indicates the presence of substantial amounts of silica. Microscopic analysis of organisms in test tube 3 reveals the presence of an apicoplast in each. Microscopic analysis of the contents in test tube 4 reveals thousands of cilia on the surface of the organism.Test tube 4 containsParameciumOf the four supergroups of eukaryotes, which one contains red algae, green algae, and all land plants?ArcheplastidaWhich two genera have members that can evade the human immune system by frequently changing their cellular membrane surface proteins?1. Plasmodium2. Trichomonas3. Paramecium4. Trypanosoma1 and 4What does scientific evidence indicate to be the correct sequence of these events, from earliest to most recent, in the evolution of life on Earth?1. origin of mitochondria2. origin of multicellular eukaryotes3. origin of chloroplasts4. origin of cyanobacteria5. origin of fungal-plant symbioses4, 1, 3, 2, 5