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a line that indicates height and appears in an up and down direction.


a line that indicates length and is parallel to the horizon.


a type of line that denotes instability and tension.


a type of line that flows in smooth rounded angles, similar to the flow of water.


a combination of diagonal lines joining at opposite points.


a line that shows or creates the outer edge of a shape or object.

Contour line

defines the edges and surface ridges of an object

Blind contour

a drawing in which the artist never looks at the paper but focuses only on the subject matter being drawn

Cross contour

A drawing which allows for minimal viewing to determine positioning and placement.

Gesture line

a line drawn to show an expressive movement

Implied line

a line that is recognized by the brain and the eyes as a line but is not actually present


an element of art that is the path of a moving point through space


This is indicated by crossing lines in contour drawings.

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