SWK510 Human Behavior and Social Environment Final Exam CH 12

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A bureaucratic system is considered "good."
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The following is true about conservatives:The Republican Party is considered to be relatively conservative.p. 598The following is true about divorce:Divorce occurs more frequently at the lower socioeconomic levels. P.566The following is true about the problem-solving approach to resolving conflict:Each side honestly and openly communicates its goals, needs, and ideas.P. 560The following model of organizational behavior emphasizes the importance of identifying the best worker for each job and then studying how he or she effectively and efficiently does the work:Scientific management P.589The following theorist played a prominent role in developing the scientific management model:Frederick Taylor P.589The following theory of organizational behavior looks to provide lifetime employment:Theory Z P. 591The following value orientation is grounded in an appreciation of artistic values, and personal preferences for form, harmony, and beauty are influential in making decisions:Aesthetic p.598The looking-glass self process advanced by Cooley asserts we develop our self-concept by seeing and hearing how others react to us.True P. 549The propinquity theory holds that our value system consciously and unconsciously guides us in selecting a mate.True P. 538The rate of female-headed homes in African-American families is nearly three times that in white families.True p. 570This stage of parenting occurs after the birth of the first child and lasts for a few months:Honeymoon P.544Value orientation means an individual's own ideas about what is desirable and worthwhile.True P. 589Which of the following is accurate regarding macro social system theories?Functionalists assert that most people obey the law because they believe the law is fair and just. P. 548Which of the following is true about the interactionist approach?The theory asserts that human beings interpret or define each other's actions instead of merely reacting. P. 548_____ percent of the population in the United States is living below the poverty line.15 P. 551