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18 terms

Terms and Concepts

any human putting their mark on something, to announce their existence in the world; to make a mark indicates higher brain function
The literal shape and mass of an object or figure. The materials used to make a work of art (line, light, color)
the meaning of an image beyond its subject matter
how the work was created, the media used (paint, pastel, clay, bronze, paper)
any materials used to create a work of art (media- plural form)
height by width; a flat surface
height by width by depth; it can be viewed from every angle and walked around
subject matter
the subject of an artwork- what the work is about
more than subject matter; narrative is the story of what you see in an artwork
the organization or arrangement of the formal elements in a work of art
formal elements
the visual tools an artist uses to create a work of art- include the elements of art and the principles of design
formal analysis
analyzing the form of the art work; how are all of the components are implemented to create meaning
the use of symbols to represent the invisible, intangible, or abstract (god, death, birth, spirit, good/bad)
the images and symbols conventionally associated with given subject. The study of significance and interpretation of the subject matter
picture plane
the flat, two-dimensional surface of a work of art "the window"
pictorial depth
the aspect of composition on a 2D plan in which a 3D space is depicted
the quality or state of being the "truth"
the quality that makes a work of art appear close to or resemble the natural world- it looks "real"