Physical Characteristics of Europe

Iberian Peninsula
peninsula in southwestern Europe occupied by Spain and Portugal
River Delta
The end of a river where rich deposits of silt build up. This is important to human habitation due to the excellent source of good farmland.
Rhine River
a major European river carrying more traffic than any other river in the world. Forms part of a border between Germany and France.
Danube River
The second-longest river of Europe. It flows from southern Germany east into the Black Sea.
Europe's highest mountains.extending in an arc from the Mediterranean coast to the Balkan peninsula
Ural Mountains
This north-south range separates Siberia from the rest of Russia. It is commonly considered the boundary between the continents of Europe and Asia.
English Channel
body of water that separates France and England
Mediterranean Sea
an inland sea that borders , Europe, Southwest Asia, and Africa
European Plain
most fertile farmland in Europe (covered 50% of Europe). The northern flat region that allowed nomads and invaders to flow into Europe from Asia.
A long, narrow coastal valley between tall, rocky cliffs, gouged out by a glacier and flooded by the sea.

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