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The Scarlet Ibis Vocabulary

(noun) A flat circular stone, used for sharpening tools.
Instead of using a more modern invention, he still sharpens all of his tools on an old ______.
*Ibis (pronounced EYE biss)
(noun) wading birds of warm regions having long slender down-curved bills
(adjective) of a vivid red to reddish-orange color

When the skinny girl dyed her hair __________, everyone said she looked like a matchstick.
n. town square

n. a large covered porch, especially one attached to a house.

When we were in Italy, every morning we had coffee out on the ______ so we could enjoy the beautiful view.
n. membrane enclosing a baby during gestation that sometimes attaches to the baby's head during birth
(adjective) about to happen, likely to occur at any moment

"Once the storm was _______ we all went to the storm shelter."

"The angry look on my mother's face told me that punishment was ____"
(pronounced IN vah lid, not in VAL id)

n. someone who is incapacitated by a chronic illness or injury.

The unexpected illness turned the formerly energetic girl into a bedridden ____.
v. said again, repeated

The teacher ______ the instructions at least 5 times, so none of the students could claim they didn't know what to do.
n. a worrisome responsibility, hardship

She thought having twins would be a huge ______, but with everyone's help it became quite easy.

I need to ask a huge favor, but I don't want to ___ you.
v. to swerve or lurch from side to side while in motion

The bus _____ed into the cafe causing thousands of dollars in damages.
adj. gloomy, silent, surly

The depressing music she has been listening to matches the ____ mood she's been in since her cat passed away.
adj. having illustrious rainbow-like colors.

Above is a picture of a rainbow boa. If you look closely where the sun is reflection off of its skin, you will see an iridescent quality.

The Rainbow Boa" got its name because of its _____ skin.
n. a powerful circular current of water (usually the resulting of conflicting tides), center of a situation, which draws in all that surrounds it

The boat began spinning it circles once it was sucked into the _____.
adj. damaged; destroyed; ruined, destroyed or caused by decline or decay.
adj. suffering from a disease; destroyed

The _______ crops were a sure sign that the farm had been infested by millions of bugs.

Due to the drought, he was left with a field of ____ crops.
n. Persistence; stubbornness; stubborn adherence to a plan

She succeeded in everything she did due to her ambition and ______.
adv. dangerously, unsteadily; insecurely
The glass of water was placed ______ on the edge of the table, just waiting for someone to knock it over.
faded away; dissipated

The smoke eventually _______ into the air and everyone could breath again.
an opinion different from accepted belief; the denial of an idea that is generally held sacred

'For Jim, a die-hard Eagles fan, wearing a Giants jersey would be like ______.'

'At the time, since Galileo's theories disagreed with the Bible, he was accused of ______.'
adj. dainty or refined; exaggeratedly proper.

"She looks so ___in her shawl-collared coat, with its horizontal weave, buttoned up high and proper."
(v.) to act in a lazy manner; to lounge; to recline

"Nothing's going to get done if you just spend all day ___ing around the house."
Calm and untroubled; peaceful.

"There were _____landscapes in muted blues, greys and browns."
adj. Shriveled or shrunken, as if from lack of water or good.

v. to shrivel; fade; decay

"The _____ plants are a clear sign that nobody watered them while I was gone."

"That provision is increasingly becoming a sore point as the island's economy has ___, schools are closed, taxes rise and other public services are cut."
Reprimand, Chastise, Chide

"And please believe that I have not come to ____you," said Philip.
To look angry by drawing the eyebrows together and frowning.

Wipe that ___ off of your face or everyone is going to think your angry.

"Don't ___ at me; I didn't do anything wrong."

extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree

Beating this team will take a ____ amount of work on our part.
(adj) confident; calm; collected; self-possessed

In order to be an effective public speaker, you must always appear ____.

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