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AP Environmental Names of Important People

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John Muir
His activism saved Yosemite Valley, Sequioa National Park, and other wilderness areas. Deeply spiritual environmentalist. Founded the Sierra Club.
Theodore Roosevelt
Established wildlife refugees. Set aside 150 million acres of land for forests reserves - 150 National Parks!
Rachel Carson
Wrote "Silent Spring" (environmental problems caused by pesticides). Nation-wide band on DDT. Advanced global environmental movement.
Jane Goodall
Primate, chimps, monkeys, apes, Goodall Institute (conservation and animal welfare), works with children. British anthropologist, primotologist, ethologist
Aldo Leopold
Wrote "A Sand County Almanac", one of the most respected books on the environment.
Henry David Thoreau
Wrote "Walden" a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings. Observed nature and contemplated how people could live in harmony with it.
Gifford Pinchot
First head of the US Forest Service. Utilitarian conservationist who viewed forests in terms of their usefulness for people. Considered "Father of American Conservationism"
Charles Darwin
Proposed currently accepted theory of evolution in his book "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" in 1859
Paul Erlich
"The Population Bomb". Created the IPAT model. Studied effects of overpopulation.
Thomas Malthus
"An Essay On the Principle of Population". Early paper explaining that living things reproduce more than the land can support (referenced by Darwin in the development of his theory).
George Perkins Marsh
Wrote "The Earth as Modified by Human Action: Man and Nature (1864)" - the first modern discussion of environmental problems.
Majorie Harris Carr
First female wildlife technician in US. Led effort to protect local wildlife in Florida.
Upton Sinclair
"The Jungle". exposed the bad conditions in the US meat packaging industry. Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inpsection Act
Edward O. WIlson
The Father of Sociobiology.Specialized in studying ants. Studied social behavior of many animals and believed all behavior is he from heredity, environmental stimuli, and past experiences.
John Jay Audubon
Painted detailed pics of birds in their natural habitats."The Birds of America". His books identified 25 new species of birds.
Lois Gibbs
Discovered her son's school and later the whole neighborhood was built on a toxic waste dump called "Love Canal". Helped create the US Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund Act.
Julia Butterfly Hill
Lived in a tree for 738 days. Named it Luna. The Pacific Lumbar Company agreed to preserve Luna and all trees within 200 ft buffer zone
Richard Nixon
President responsible for establishing the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Alice Hamilton
Founder of the occupational health field - which was especially important during the rise of the industrial revolution
Garrett Hardin
His essay "Tragedy of the Commons" shaped the way we manage our renewable resources