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A study finds a correlation coefficient of r = .52. According to the guidelines for interpreting effect sizes, the magnitude of this effect is
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RESEARCH STUDY 8.1: Dr. Guidry conducts a study examining the relationship between the number of friends one has and the experience of daily stress and life satisfaction. She randomly samples 1,500 elderly men and women in Nashville, Tennessee (the state capital), located in the southern United States. Below are her findings: • Life satisfaction and experience of daily stress: r = -.57, 95% CI [-.77, -.37] • Number of friends one has and experience of daily stress: r = .09, 95% CI [-.27, .45] • Number of friends one has and life satisfaction: r = .36, 95% CI [.12, .60] Comparing all three correlations, Dr. Guidry will be able to most accurately predict life satisfaction from the experience of daily stress because the relationshiphas the largest effect size.Experiments use random assignment to avoid which of the following?selection effectsIdentify a major disadvantage to using matched groups when assigning requires more time and resourcesResearchers conducting an experiment can ensure temporal precedence by doing which of the following?manipulating the cause before measuring the effectA variable that the researcher controls is a ________ variable.manipulatedWhich of the following is an advantage of within-groups designs?These designs rely on fewer participants.________ is used to control order effects in an experiment.CounterbalancingWhich of the following is a reason that a researcher might choose a pretest/posttest design?to ensure that random assignment made the treatment/comparison groups equalAn independent-groups design is also known as a design __________.between-subjectsWhich of the following is true of selection effects?Selection effects can occur when experimenters allow participants to choose their own treatment group.