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Spanish fluency: Week 3 extra preterite quiz


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Finally he lived in that house.
Entonces vivió en esa casa.
Then I lived in this house.
Entonces viví en esta casa.
Finally we lived in another place.
Entonces vivimos en otro lugar.
Then they lived somewhere else.
Entonces vivieron en alguna parte más.
Finally you lived in a different house.
Entonces viviste en una casa diferente.
Then I owed my sister an apology.
Entonces le debí una disculpa a mi hermana.
Then she needed to live in another place.
Entonces debió vivir en otro lugar.
Then we needed to leave.
Entonces nos debimos ir.
Then they needed to leave.
Entonces debieron irse.
Then you needed to come.
Entonces debiste venir.
I spoke of my dog.
Hablé de mi perro.
He talked of his parents.
Habló de sus padres.
They spoke by telephone.
Hablaron por teléfono.
We spoke of the fire.
Hablamos del fuego.
You spoke so much!
¡Hablaste tanto!
Suddenly I owed my brother a dog.
De pronto le debí un perro a mi hermano.
Suddenly my parents owed me a car.
De pronto mis padres me debieron un auto.
Suddenly she owed you a lot of money.
De pronto ella te debió mucho dinero a ti.
Suddenly you owed us something.
De pronto nos debiste algo.
Suddenly we owed you a house.
De pronto te debimos una casa.
Then I talked with hatred.
Entonces hablé con odio.
Then he talked about the office.
Entonces habló de la oficina.
Then we talked about the president.
Entonces hablamos del presidente.
Then they talked about the town.
Entonces hablaron del pueblo.
Then you talked in the street.
Entonces hablaste en la calle.
Suddenly we lived in the town.
De pronto vivimos en el pueblo.
Suddenly she lived alone.
De pronto vivió sola.
Suddenly I only lived in my car.
De pronto sólo viví en mi auto.
Suddenly they lived in their beds.
De pronto vivieron en sus camas.
Suddenly you lived the worst life.
De pronto viviste la peor vida.
I heard you talking in the house.
Te oí hablar en la casa.
He heard me enter.
Me oyó entrar.
They heard her talking.
La oyeron hablar.
We heard him eating.
Lo oímos comer.
You heard me kill my parents.
Me oíste matar mis padres.
Then I thought about her.
Entonces pensé en ella.
Then she thought about me.
Entonces pensó en mí.
Then we thought about that.
Entonces pensamos en eso.
Then they thought about those.
Entonces pensaron en esos.
Then you thought about everything.
Entonces pensaste en todo.
I told you not to do it.
Te dije no hacerlo.
He told me that it was dangerous.
Me dijo que era peligroso.
We told them that it was excellent.
Les dijimos que era excelente.
You told me that it was amusing.
Me dijiste que era divertido.
They told you that it was necessary.
Te dijeron que era necesario.
I gave you a book.
Te di un libro.
You gave me a house?
¿Me diste una casa?
They gave it to him.
Le lo dieron.
He gave her to me.
Me la dio.
We gave it to them.
Les lo dimos.
I gave it to you.
Te lo di.
You gave it to him.
Le lo diste.
They gave her a gift?
Le dieron un regalo?
He gave them an army.
Les dio un ejército.
We gave you an airplane.
Te dimos un avión.
Suddenly I needed an airplane.
De pronto necesité un avión.
Suddenly he needed a list.
De pronto necesitó una lista.
Suddenly you needed to leave.
De pronto te necesitaste ir.
Suddenly they needed more words.
De pronto necesitaron más palabras.
Suddenly we needed to give orders.
De pronto necesitamos dar órdenes.
What happened?
¿Que pasó?
I passed by her room.
Pasé por su habitación.
We passed by their house.
Pasamos por su casa.
You passed the whole night at his house.
Pasaste toda la noche en su casa.
They passed on the street.
Pasaron en la calle.
I saw you sleeping.
Te vi dormir.
You saw me eating.
Me viste comer.
He saw them.
Los vio.
We saw it.
Lo vimos.
They saw us.
Nos vieron.
She called me by telephone.
Me llamó por teléfono.
I called to Luis.
Llamé a Luis.
They called me to their house.
Me llamaron a su casa.
We called the teacher.
Llamamos el maestro.
You called me?
¿Me llamaste?
He remained calm.
Se quedó tranquilo.
I remained silent.
Me quedé callado.
They remained perfect.
Se quedaron perfectos.
We stayed asleep.
Nos quedamos dormidos.
You remained there a while.
Te quedaste un rato ahí.
He came!
I came yesterday.
Vine ayer.
They came last night.
Vinieron anoche.
We came to the party.
Vinimos a la fiesta.
You came to the office.
Viniste a la oficina.