2. Human Resources Planning, part 1

GOJA™ is a job analysis method that helps organizations incorporate the growing amount of legal concerns that affect employment decisions.
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The first step in human resource planning is tocollect relevant informationA comprehensive approach to job analysis was developed by the US Department of Labor (DOL), and is called ____ job analysis.functionalAffirmative Action ____ are designed to increase opportunities for groups that have traditionally been discriminated against.plansAdvantages of diversity for an organization include (select all that apply)-greater innovation -reduced turnover -more resilient workforce___ ____ _____ systems are a group of interconnected practices that are designed to enhance employee effectiveness and productivity.high-performance workWhen HR and management create job descriptions and specifications based on researching jobs it is called job ____.analysisAn arrangement where the work of a single, full-time position is divided between two part-time employees is called ____ ____.Job Share"Where are we now as a business? Where do we want to be? What do we need to do to get there?" are all the essential questions asked in:strategic planningPAQ is one of the most widely used means of job analysis. PAQ stands for positions analysis questionnaire and its criteria are divided into ___ divisions.six