English 10 Setting

where or when the action takes place in a story
Characteristics of a setting
Setting puts us there--it gives us a feeling of being in the situation with the characters. It includes people's customs--how they live, dress, eat, and behave.
Is it possible for an interesting story to have no setting at all?
Yes--if the characters and their situation are strong enough, they will hold our attention in empty space.
Time frame
can be revealed by setting( Example: falling snow tells us it's winter)
Details of setting
give a story a kind of truth or believability
Mood (also called "atmosphere")
a story's emotional effect
the writer's attitude toward a subject or character (Examples of tone: mocking or tender, joyful or nostalgic)
Setting also helps to reveal this (Example: a writer wishing to reveal an untidy character may show us the mess in his bedroom)
In some stories, setting provides the main conflict and can directly affect a story's meaning. (Example: Members of a polar expedition might fight the harshness of the arctic tundra and survive . . . or perish.)