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Materials that the statue of Athena was made out of

ivory and gold

Name Homer's two epics

Iliad and Odyssey

3 things that Aristotle studied and wrote about

politics, philosophy, poetry

2 reasons why Alexander planted colonies

spread Greek culture and control the empire

Where the modern Olympics have never been held


What means "cruel and unjust government"


3 events featured in the Ancient Olympics

track and field, wrestling, chariot and horse races

Where did all the men, women and children of Athens escape to when the Persians burned their city?

Island of Salamis

3 styles of Greek columns

Doric, ionic, Corinthian

1 type of government-

monarchy government by one ruler

type of gov-

oligarchy government by a few

type of gov-

democracy government by the people

Who ruled Egypt for more than 300 years


Who was the last member of the family to rule Egypt?


Why did the Trojan war begin

Quarrel over Helen the wife of the Greek king of Sparta because Paris kidnapped her

What did Socrates decide the oracle meant?

The truly wise realize how little they know

Who taught Alexander


What did Alexander's teacher teach him the importance of?


How did Alexander prove he was fit to be king?

He burned the city of Thebes except Pindars house

Name the 3 areas that Alexander conquered

Greece, Persia, the land east of the Indus River

Who was a student of Socrates and started a school in Athens?


Name the school that Plato started


Who was the Persian emperor?


Name Alexander's horse


The ___ stands on top of the rocky hill called the ___, which was the temple of _____, goddess of the city

Parthenon, Acropolis, Athena

3 activities that took place in the gymnasium

reading, athletic training and discussions

Where did Alexander plan to rule from?


Why did the Peloponnesian War?

Sparta feared Athens control of the Delian league

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