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on notes and vocabulary (not worksheets)


variable that stays the same during an experiment


sample that is treated like other experimental groups except that the independent variable is not applied to it.

dependent variable

factor that is being measured during an experiment

descriptive research

answers scientific questions through observation

experimental research design

used to answer scientific questions by testing a hypothesis through the use of a series of carefully , controlled steps.


prediction or statement that can be tested and may be formed by prior knowledge, any previous observations, and new information

independent variable

variable that the experimenter changes during an experiment

information technology

has led to the globalization of information


represents something that is too big, too small, too dangerous, too time consuming or too expensive to observe directly


process used to investigate what is happening around us in order to solve problems or answer question; part of everyday life

scientific method

ways to solve problems that can include step by step plans, making models and carefully thinking out experiments


application of science to make useful products and tools, such as computers

the steps of the scientific method (in order)

problem statement/question
collect and analyze results
communicate results


develop a question that can be solved through experimentation


make these your topic of interest . Internet, media and primary sources


predict a possible answer to said question. must be educated. about the relationship between the variable


includes detailed material and procedured list

collecting and analyzing results

confirms tests by trials and include tables graphs or photos


include a statement tat accepts or rejects hypothesis. make recommendations for further study and possible improvements


how you can use what you've learned in the real world


be prepared to present the results to an audience

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