Strategic Supply Chain Abbreviations and Terms

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CPFRCollaborative, Planning, Forecasting, and ReplenishmentQRQuick ResponseRO-RORoll-On/Roll-OffCOFCContainer on Flat CarNVOCCNon-Vessel Operating Common CarrierCWTCustomer Wait TimeTEUTwenty-Foot Equivalent UnitPOSPoint of SaleCRPCapacity Requirements PlanningSKUStock Keeping UnitsDRPDistribution Resource PlanningEDIElectronic Data InterchangeVSMValue Stream MappingVMIVendor Managed InventoryAST&LAmerican Society of Transportation and LogisticsAS/RSAutomated Storage and Retrieval SystemANSIAmerican National Standards InstituteFOBFreight On BoardLCLLower Control Limit/Less than Container LoadAPICSAmerican Production and Inventory Control SocietyAGVAutomated Guided VehicleOSHAOccupational Safety and Health AdministrationFIFOFirst In, First OutVA/VEValue Analysis/Value EngineeringTLTruckloadB/LBill of LadingPOPurchase OrderCIFCost, Insurance, and FreightSTBSurface Transportation BoardFTZFree-Trade ZoneMPSMaster Production ScheduleDCDistribution CenterCPIMCertified in Production and Inventory ManagementISOInternational Organization for StandardizationTQMTotal Quality ManagementSPCStatistical Process ControlTPMTotal Productive MaintenanceCRChange Request4PLFourth Party LogisticsDOTDepartment of TransportationCSCPCertified Supply Chain ProfessionalAPSAdvanced Planning and SchedulingCTPCapable-to-PromiseASNAdvanced Shipment NoticeRFRadio FrequencyCRMCustomer Relationship ManagementSaaSSoftware as a ServicePLMProduct Lifecycle ManagementSCEMSupply Chain Event ManagementSRMSupplier Relationship ManagementMAPEMean Absolute Percent ErrorDSSDecision Support SystemCPSMCertified Professional in Supply ManagementECCNExport Control Classification NumberPERTProgram Evaluation Review TechniqueDFLDesign for LogisticsLIFRLine Item Fill RateOFROrder Fill Rate/Out for RepairCBECompetitive Bidding EventEPCEngineering, Procurement, and ConstructionBOOBase of OperationsHTSHarmonized Tariff ScheduleB2BBusiness to BusinessBPRBusiness Process ReengineeringCIMCustomer Interaction ManagementMESManufacturing Execution SystemMTSMake To StockSCORSupply Chain Operations ReferenceLASHLighter Aboard ShipCTPATCustoms-Trade Partnership Against TerrorismMROMaintenance, Repair, and OperationsMTOMade To OrderIATAInternational Air Transport AssociationFAKFreight All KindsROPReorder PointETOEngineer to OrderNMFCNational Motor Freight ClassificationLOCLevel of Operational CapacityPODProof of DeliveryATOAssemble to OrderSEDShippers Export DeclarationS&OPSales and Operations PlanningABC (financial)Keeps costs under control within the supply chainABC InventoryInventory categorization method with A being most valuable and C being leastAuto IDProvides companies with accurate scans of each individual items that comes throughLean OpsDeals with continuous improvement and the elimination of wastes in the supply chain5SSort, Shine, Straighten, Standardize, SustainSquare Root RuleAverage inventory increases proportionally to the square root of the number of locations in which inventory is heldSix SigmaHaving 3.4 defects per million opportunitiesPick Density in WarehousingThe higher the pick density the more works stop to make picks in that particular area of the warehouse