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Mid Term Questions for Modern World History

Which of the following people is best known for his portraits of Spanish nobles during Spain's golden century?

El Greco

B the Edict of Nantes in 1598, Henry IV of France granted religious toleration to...


Based on Figure 17-1, which of the following events happened first?

Louis XIV became King of France

According to Figure 17-1, which of the following people ruled during the same time as Louis XIV?

Peter the Great

According to Figure 17-1, which of the following events happened first?

Louis XIV became King of France

According to Figure 17-1, Oliver Cromwell became head of England during the same time that...

Louis XIV ruled France

Which of the following resulted from the Thirty Years' War?

Germany divided into 360 separate states

During the 1700s, which of the following countries battled for control of the German states?

Prussia and Austria

Peter the Great forced Russians to accept social reforms that would make their culture more like that of...

Western Europe

Which of the following people mocked the traditions of Spain's feudal past in his novel Don Quixote?

Miguel de Cervantes

As a result of Peter the Great's war against Sweden, Russia gained

Land along the Baltic Sea

In the late 1500s, France was torn apart by religious wars between Catholics and...


French styles of art, culture, manners, and customs became the standard for European taste as a result of the reign of...

Louis XIV

The Stuart king's claims to absolute power were challenged by...


Which of the following was divided into many small states as a result of the Thirty Year's War?


Why did Prussia battle Austria during the 1700s?

To gain control of German states

Peter the Great fought the Ottoman Turks for the purpose of...

Gaining a warm-water port

Which of the following statements describes what happened to Poland in 1795 as a result of actions by Russia, Austria, and Prussia?

Poland was partitioned (split-apart)

The bourgeoisie belonged to which of the following groups?

The Third Estate

The Constitution of 1791...

Established a new legislative assembly

During the Reign of Terror, Robespierre tried to...

Crush all opposition to the revolution

Which of the following areas did Napoleon annex to France?


Which of the following was the chief goal of the Congress of Vienna?

To establish a balance of power or lasting peace

Why did the Congress of Vienna redraw the boundaries of some European countries?

To encircle France with strong countries

In Figure 19-1, why are the scepter, or staff, and the globe shown falling from Napoleon's hands?

To show Napoleon losing his power

At which of the following times was Figure 19-1 most likely drawn?

After Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Nations

In Figure 19-1 featuring Napoleon, what do the scepter, or staff, and the globe with the cross on it represent?


What is the cartoonist trying to show by including Russian buildings on the lower right in Figure 19-1?

Russia is an important element in Napoleon's fall from power

Which of the following statements about France's social structure is true?

There was inequality among the 3 estates

France's economy was mainly supported by

The Third Estate

French nobles resisted Necker's financial reforms because...

They wanted to pay no taxes

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen state that...

All men were born free and equal in rights

How did the French respond to threats to the revolution?

By becoming more radical

How did the Napoleonic Code reflect Enlightenment principles?

It guaranteed the equality of all citizens before the law

According to Figure 20-1, which country had the largest population in 1750?


According to Figure 20-1, which country's population nearly doubled between 1800 and 1850?


According to Figure 20-1, what was Britain's population in 1750?

6 million

Which of the following statements is supported by Figure 20-1?

The populations of all the countries increased steadily

Which of the following helped British farmers increase food production in the 1700s?

Improved farm machinery

Which of the following became an important source of power for the Industrial Revolution?

The steam engine

Why was coal important to the Industrial Revolution?

Provided fuel to produce iron

Early in the Industrial Revolution, working-class women...

Worked 12 or more hours a day outside the home

Who was most likely to support the idea that society should be based on cooperation instead of competition?

Robert Owen

Which of the following conditions during the Industrial Revolution supported Karl Marx's ideas?

There were a few wealthy business people while the majority of the people were poor

During the agricultural revolution in the 1700s, wealthy landowners increased food production by...

Practicing enclosure

Which of the following is a reason explaining why Britain took the lead in the Industrial Revolution?

The British business class had large profits to invest

Industrialization in the textile industry resulted in...

The establishment of factories

Which of the following statements regarding workers in mines and factories during the early Industrial Revolution is true?

Their working conditions were dangerous and inhumane

Which group benefited the most from the Industrial Revolution?

The middle class

The idea that the goal of society should be "the greatest happiness for the greatest number" of its citizens was a philosophy held by...


Which of the following goals represents the ideology of nationalists?

People who have pride or devotion to one's country

Which of the following nations gained independence from Holland?


Which of the following results was caused by revolts in the Austrian empire?

Metternich resigned

Which group dominated Latin American social and political life in the early 1800s?

Europeans or Spanish

Which of the following events was the spark that finally set off a widespread revolt in Latin America in the early 1800s?

When Louis XVII and Charles X inherited the throne

The letter A in Figure 21-1 marks the nation led to independence by...

Toussaint L'Ouverture

Which letter in Figure 21-1 marks the nation in which Augustin de Iturbide overthrew Spanish rule?


Which letter in Figure 21-1 marks the nation in which Miguel Hidalgo urged the people to fight for independence?


The letter A in Figure 21-1 marks the nation in which...

Became a republic and a non slave nation

Which of the following goals represents conservative ideology in Europe in the early 1800s?

Restoring royal families to their thrones, maintain social hierarchy, and the establishment of churches

Which of the following groups generally supported nationalist goals?

Lower class peasants and liberals

In the early 1800s, Serbs gained autonomy within...

The Ottoman Empire

The period of unrest in Europe after 1815 was caused by...

Countries wanting independence

Which of the following countries succeeded in gaining independence as a result of revolutions in 1830?


What happened as a result of the Frankfurt Assembly?

Rallies and Germans left for the U.S.

Discontent in Latin America resulted from the domination of social and political life by...


Which of following places won independence from France and became the only non slave nation in the Western Hemisphere?


By 1900, which of the following pairs of countries were the world's leading industrial nations?

Britain and the United States

Which of the following was a direct result of the discovery of germs caused disease?

Improved sanitation

In nineteenth-century cities, the poor lived...

In tenements near the factories

Which of the following is the most closely linked to labor reform?


Which of the following groups grew the fastest during the 1800s?

The middle class

Which of the following was the most highly regarded by the middle class during the 1800s?


Why does Darwin's theory of evolution cause controversy?

It denies the existence of God

An example of a romantic painting might be a...

Landscape showing a violent storm

What is "the ballot" in Figure 22-1 mean to bring to the viewer's mind?

A Baby

According to Figure 22-1, ho would the vote affect women?

It would hardly change their life at all

Figure 22-1 was drawn from the point of view of an...


According to Figure 22-1, American women were...

Fooling themselves if they thought the vote would lead to fulfillment

Which of the following countries were the world's industrial leaders in 1900?

Germany and the United States

One scientist whose work contributed directly to increased life expectancy in the late 1800s was...

Joseph Lister

Which of the following new features of city life in the late 1800s had the greatest impact on the poor?

Sewage systems

The saying, "A woman's place is in the home," reflected the values of which of the following groups in 1850?

The working class

Darwin challenged traditional beliefs by asserting that...

All forms of life evolved over millions of years

The romantic movement in art and literature was a reaction against...


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