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mitochondria and plasmids

extrachromasomal DNA is found in

all of the choices are correct

microorganisms are involved in


are only composed of protiens


the structures used for mobility in both eukaryotes and prokaryotes

transport protiens

most solutes pass through the cytoplasmic membrane via

van leeuwenhoek

the scientist usually considered the first to see microorganisms, which he called animalcules

contains a thick layer of peptidoglycan

the cell wall of gram positive bacteria

regulate movement of molecules which enter and leave the cell

the cytoplasmic membrane of both eukaryotes and prokaryotes functions to

the cytoskeleton

is a dynamic structure composed of microtubules, actin filaments, and intermediate filaments

the golden age of medical microbiology

occured during the late 1800's to the early 1900s, is a time when the knowledge of and tehniques to work with bacteria blossomed and was when people reliezed that diseases could be invisible


a dormant cell type

the scientific name of an organism includes its

genus and species


may be classified in three domains


are obligate intracellular parasites

the cell types which lack a membrane bound nucleus are found in the

prokaryotes and archaea

which is not true of the cytoplasmic membrane

it uses protiens as selective gates and sensors

which is the correct form

S. aureus

the outbreak of measles within the last few years was due to

a decline in vacination of children in the previous years

tyndall and pasteur

which of these scientists was/were involved in, among other things, investigating the idea of spontaneous generation


are naked pieces of RNA

the membranes of eukaryotes

contain sterols for strenght


provide protection to us from disease by converting

eukaryotic cells are

defined by the presence of a membrane bound nucleus

the idea of spontaneous generation postulated that

living organisms could spontaneously arise from non living material

algae and fungi

which group below contain single celled and multicellular organisms

viruses are in the group

none of the choices are correct

lyme disease is an example of

that is due to changing lifestyles

which is usually true about bacteria

all of the choices are correct

the capsule

may be used for protection and may be used to help the bacteria adhere to surface


the macromolecule found in the cell walls of all bacteria is

viruses are often refered to as

infectious agents


have a more complex internal structure that archaea of bacteria and have a membrane around the DNA

which term refers to bacterial morphology

coccus and bacillus


is the ingestion of particles and may be performed by bacteria

bacteria have been used in food

for several thousand years

Eukaryotic cells

are more obviously compartmentalized than prokaryotes

movement in bacteria

is often referred to as run and tumble and may involve pilli

outside a cell wall viruses are


which of the following bacteria lack a cell wall


which is not usually true of archaea

they contain peptidoglycan as part of thier cell walls

the cell wall of gram negative organisms

has a thin peptidoglycan layer and is characterized by an outer membrane containing lps

bioremediation refers to

using bacteria to clean up pollutants

which is true concerning the cell wall of prokaryotes

it determines the shape of bacteria

microorgansims are involved in

all of the choices are correct


published first description of microorganism


identified bacillus anthracis

von behing

administered diphtheria antibodies for immunity


identifies penicillin


developed german theory of disease


used phenol to inhibit post surgical microbial growth


developed first antimicrobial drug


isolated TMV


recommended the use of handwashing to reduce the risk of infection


observed and described phagocytosis

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