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temperature (chapt 17)

What is the temperature inversion process?

During the day the valley floors heat up Heat rises by afternoon. mtns cool down quickly. cold air sinks into valleys. Animals recognize it.

What disrupts temperature inversion?

Cold, clear nights.

Four ways heat is transferred.

Radiation, conduction, convection, advection.

What is radiation?

Energy that is transmitted through space.

What is an example of radiation.

Gamma rays, x-rays, UV rays.

What is conduction?

Heat transferred through contact.

What is an example of conduction.

Placing my hand on the table.

What is convection?

A mode of heat transferred.

What is an example of convection.

touching a stove and being born.

What is advection?

Transport of something from one region to another.

Hardest thing to heat, easiest thing to heat?

The water is the hardest, land is the easiest.

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