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A Brief Introduction to the Science of Pharmacology An Introduction to alcohol: Man's Oldest Recreational Chemical

Methods of compound administration

Enteral and Paraenteral and other.

Examples of Enteral administration

oral, rectal, and sublingually

Examples of Paraenteral administration

subcutaneous and intravenous

Examples of other types of drug administration

intranasal, inhalation and transdermal

What is the body's way of filtering out compounds that have been introduced to the system.


The time in which it takes a compound to work it's way into the general circulation, once it is administered.

Distribution half-life

The rough measure of the compound's duration of effect.

Therapeutic half-life

The time that the body requires to eliminate 50% of the compound.

Elimination half-life

The alcohol content of beer.


The alcohol content of wine.


The alcohol content of fortified wine.


Inventor of Coca-cola

Albert Pemberton

Medical complications of alcohol consumption.

Liver failure

At what BAL or BAC is considered illegal?

.08 Blood Alcohol Level (B.A.L.)
.08 Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.)

What percentage of homicides involve alcohol?


What percentage of sex offenses involve alcohol?


What percentage of child abuse cases involve alcohol?


What percentage of physical assaults involve alcohol?


What percentage of disputes involve alcohol?


What percentage of loud arguments involve alcohol?


Metabolic tolerance

When the body becomes more effective in breaking down or eliminate a compound.

Pharmacodynamic tolerance

The body's ability to develop some degree of insensitivity to the drug's effect.

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