Unit 13 vocab

ad infinitum
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Buoyant antAntonyms: downcast, gloomy, moroseClique(n.) a small, exclusive group of peopleClique synonymsSynonyms: inner circleConcede(v.) to admit as true; to yield, submitConcede synonymsSynonyms: acknowledge, grant, allow, assentConcede antAntonyms: contest, dispute, gainsay, challengeCongenial(adj.) getting on well with others; agreeable, pleasantCongenial synonymsSynonyms: sociable, amiable, compatibleCongenial antAntonyms: disagreeable, cold, standoffishLofty(adj.) very high; nobleLofty synonymsSynonyms: elevated, exalted, grandLoftily antAntonyms: base, petty, low, sordid, despicableMigration(n.) a movement from one country or region to anotherMigration synonymsSynonyms: population shift, mass movementPerceive(v.) to be aware of through the senses, observe; to grasp mentallyPerceive synonymsSynonyms: notice, discern, understandPerceive antAntonyms: miss, overlook, be blind toPerverse(adj.) inclined to go against what is expected; stubborn; turned away from what is good and properPerverse synonymsSynonyms: obstinate, contrary, mulishPerverse antAntonyms: tractable, docile, amenable, yieldingPrelude(n.) an introduction; that which comes before or leads offPrelude synonymsSynonyms: preface, overture, prologue, "curtain-raiser"Prelude antAntonyms: epilogue, postlude, aftermathRancid(adj.) stale, spoiledRancid synonymsSynonyms: foul, rank, fetid, sour, rotten, putridRancid antAntonyms: wholesome, freshRustic(adj.) country-like; simple, plain; awkward; (n.) one who lives in the countryRustic synonymsSynonyms: rough, unsophisticated, countrifiedRustic antAntonyms: urban, sophisticatedSever(v.) to separate, divide into partsSever synonymsSynonyms: cut off, amputate, dissolveSever antAntonyms: unite, weld togetherSordid(adj.) wretchedly poor; run-down; mean or selfishSordid synonymsSynonyms: filthy, squalid, base, vile, seedy, sleazySordid antAntonyms: pure, noble, opulent, lavishUntenable(adj.) not capable of being held or defended; impossible to maintainUntenable synonymsSynonyms: indefensible, insupportableUntenable antAntonyms: irrefutable, impregnable, incontestableVersatile(adj.) able to do many things well; capable of many usesVersatile synonymsSynonyms: adaptable, all-around, many-sidedVersatile antAntonyms: limited, specialized, restrictedVindicate(v.) to clear from hint or charge of wrongdoing; to defend successfully against opposition; to justifyVindicate synonymsSynonyms: acquit, absolve, exonerate, advocateVindicate antAntonyms: implacable, incriminate, condemn, convictWane(v.) to lose size, strength, or powerWane synonymsSynonyms: diminish, decline, subsideWane antAntonyms: grow, wax, amplify, balloon, increase