2013 Dairy Foods Marketing Exam


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Severe drought affected U.S. dairy farmers during 2012. What country is experiencing a severe drought in 2013 that is causing a major affect on dairy prices throughout the world?
New Zealand
In Federal Milk Marketing Order the first buyers of milk are typically referred to as
A Federal Milk Marketing Order is not authorized unless two-thirds of the affected _____ milk to proposed marketing area approves its implementation
Producers supplying
The actual milk check amount received by a dairy farmer are called the ____ .
Mailbox price
What piece of legislation made farmer cooperatives legal?
Capper-Volstead Act
Under Federal Orders milk is priced based on the finished dairy product in which it is used. This is called _____.
Classified pricing
Which country is the world leading dairy exporter?
New Zealand
According to the USDA Dairy Products summary, Wisconsin has the most manufacturing plants with 210. Which state has no manufacturing plants?
A milk producer would receive the maximal price for milk delivered within a milk marketing order if all of it were to be used to make
Pasteurized milk
Fluid milk use per person has reached its lowest level since tracking began in 1909. How many pounds of fluid milk are currently being used per person per year?
From 2000 to 2012 average protein and solids-not-fat levels in raw milk have____.
To make one pound of whole milk cheese requires approximately ___ pounds of whole milk
Milk marketing cooperatives
Provide marketing power for dairy farmers
Marketing cooperatives often offer incentives to dairy farmers for producing milk having which of the following special characteristics?
All of the above
U.S. Milk Production in 2012 represented a major industry achievement by crossing the ____ pounds of milk threshold.
200 billion
The major margin of milk income verses ____ cost for dairy farm operations is being considered in the farm bill.
The check off-funded ______ mission is to enhance demand for U.S. milk products and ingredients by securing access and assisting suppliers to meet global market needs.
U.S. Dairy Export Council's (USDEC)
Chobani Yogurt's announcement to build its next plant in Twin Falls, Idaho had an immediate impact on the state's milk prices. Chobani is known for what type of yogurt.
The state that produces the most milk in the United States but does not participate in the federal milk marketing order program is
"Over-order payments" or "super pool prices" are obtained for milk producers by
Milk marketing cooperatives
The top three milk producing states for 2012 is the U.S. were
California, Wisconsin, and Idaho
The ____ is voluntary program to help score your farm's animal welfare practices against the industry recommendations. It is operating as a partnership of the National Milk Producers Federation and Dairy Management, Inc.
National F.A.R.M program (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management)
Most dairy cows are milked two to three times per day. On average a cow will produce ____ gallons of milk each day.
The number of Federal milk marketing orders in the United States is
The reason Federal Milk Market Administrators test grade a milk for composition and audit records of purchases by dealers is to
Ensure an adequate supply of pure and wholesome milk for the consumer
The ______ concentration in the bulk milk tank helps the producers monitor the efficacy of their feeding programs.
Milk urea nitrogen (MUN)
To distribute moneys fairly amoung producers supplying milk to a market, milk market orders provide ____.
A producer settlement fund
Mastitisi has severe economic consequences. The high somatic cell count causes a decrease in cheese yield and the bacteria causes a (an) _____ in the lactose (milk sugar).
The actual cost of producing dairy products that is used in the class III and IV pricing formula is called the _____.
Make allowance
Prices paid by handlers are identical in all federal orders for milk utilized in the manufactured product categories, however milk used in class I varies by location. The highest price paid for class I milk is in the ____ region of the United States.