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Social Studies Map Skills

social studies map skills notes= map essentials

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a scale model of the earth. it is useful to show the entire earth or just certain parts of the earth
a pattern of imaginary lines that circle the globe in east west and north south directions
the north south lines on the grids. These lines run completely around the globe and measure distance north an south of the equator
lines of latitude are referred to as this because they never touch each other.
an imaginary line that circles the globe halfway between the north and south poles. This is the starting poinnt for all line lines and where latitude is measured from. this is the zero degree mark
the main unit of latitude and longitude
a sub unit of measurement of latitude and longitude
north south lines in the grid. These lines measure distance east and west of the prime meridian
lines of longitude are often called this
prime meridian
an imaginary line that runs through Greenwich, England. This is the starting point for all longitude. t is also the zero degree mark for longitude
the division or 2 equal halves of the globe. There are 4 total hemispheres on earth
the largest water areas on the earth. There are 5.
7 continents
Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Antarctica, South America, Australia
5 oceans
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Southern
a flat diagram of all parts of the earths surface
map projection
different ways to show the earth on flat paper
shows what the subject of the map is
compass rose
and indicator, usually with arrows that shows direction on a map
the distance on a map compared to the actual distance on the earth
explains what the symbols on the map represent. Also known as the map key
locator map
shows where in the world the area on the map is located
political Maps
shows the major political features of a region like country borders, capital cities, and other cities
physical maps
shows the major physical features of a region like mountains, rivers, oceans, deserts, etc.
special purpose map
focuses just on one topic like climate, resources, or population
5 themes of geography
used to describe and apply learning about an area (location, place, movement, region, human environment interaction)