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Which of the following threats would be classified as the actions of a hactivist?

a. Environmental threat
b. External threat
c. Compliance threat
d. Internal threat
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Simona needs to research a control that attempts to discourage security violations before they occur. Which control will she research? a. Preventive control b. Detective control c. Deterrent control d. Corrective controlDeterrent ControlWhich of the following is not a legally enforceable agreement but is still more formal than an unwritten agreement? a. MOU b. BPA c. SLA d. MSAMOUAngelo has received notification that a business partner will no longer sell or update a specific product. What type of notification is this? a. EOP b. EOL c. EOS d. EOAEOLWhich of the following is NOT a concern for users regarding the usage of their privacy data? a. Individual inconveniences and identity theft b. Statistical inferences c. Timeliness of data d. Associations with groupsTimeliness of dataWhich of the following is NOT a consequence to an organization that has suffered a data security breach? a. Reputation damage b. Monetary fine c. De-escalation of reporting requirements d. IP theftDe-escalation of reporting requirementsWhich of the following data types has the highest level of data sensitivity? a. Sensitive b. Confidential c. Secure d. PrivateConfidentialSergio has been asked to make a set of data that was once restricted now available to any users. What data type will Sergio apply to this set of data? a. Unrestricted b. Open c. Public d. AvailablePublicWhich of the following uses data anonymization? a. Data masking b. Data minimization c. Tokenization d. Data obfuscation sanitization (DOS)Data MaskingWhich of the following is NOT true about data sovereignty? a. Governments cannot force companies to store data within specific countries. b. Data sovereignty is a concept that until recently was less of an issue. c. Generally, data is subject to the laws of the country in which it is collected or processed. d. Regulations are not necessarily on where an organization is headquartered.Governments cannot force companies to store data within specific countries.Bob needs to create an agreement between his company and a third-party organization that demonstrates a "convergence of will" between the parties so that they can work together. Which type of agreement will Bob use? a. ISA b. SLA c. BPA d. MOUMOUWhich of the following is NOT part of the AAA framework? a. Authorization b. Authentication c. Accounting d. AccessAccessRaul has been asked to serve as the individual to whom day-to-day actions have been assigned by the owner. What role is Raul taking? a. Data custodian/steward b. Data privacy officer c. Data processor d. Data controllerUnknownWhich access control scheme is the most restrictive? a. DAC b. MAC c. Role-Based Access Control d. Rule-Based Access ControlMACWhich type of access control scheme uses predefined rules that makes it the most flexible scheme? a. DAC b. ABAC c. NAC d. MACABACWhich statement about Rule-Based Access Control is true? a. It requires that a custodian set all rules. b. It is considered a real-world approach by linking a user's job function with security. c. It is no longer considered secure. d. It dynamically assigns roles to subjects based on rules.UnknownWhich of these is a set of permissions that is attached to an object? a. Object modifier b. Entity attribute (EnATT) c. ACL d. SREACLWhat can be used to provide both filesystem security and database security? a. LDAPs b. RBASEs c. CHAPs d. ACLsACLsWhat is the amount of time added to or subtracted from Coordinated Universal Time to determine local time? a. Daylight savings time b. Time offset c. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) d. Civil timeTime OffsetCheryl has been asked to set up a user account explicitly to provide a security context for services running on a server. What type of account will she create? a. User account b. Service account c. Privilege account d. Generic accountService AccountWhich of these is NOT an incident response process step? a. Eradication b. Reporting c. Lessons learned d. RecoveryReportingWhich of the following is typically a monthly discussion of a scenario conducted in an informal and stress-free environment to evaluate an incident response plan? a. Simulation b. Incident Response Plan Evaluation (IRP-E) c. Tabletop d. WalkthroughTabletopElla wants to research an attack framework that incorporates adversary, infrastructure, capability, and victim. Which of the following would she choose? a. Cyber Kill Chain b. Mitre ATT&CK c. Basic-Advanced Incident (BAI) Framework d. Diamond Model of Intrusion AnalysisDiamond Model of Intrusion AnalysisBlaise needs to create a document that is a linear-style checklist of required manual steps and actions needed to successfully respond to a specific type of incident. What does she need to create? a. ARC Codebook b. Runbook c. Playbook d. SIEM-bookPlaybookWhich of the following should be performed in advance of an incident? a. Isolation b. Capture c. Containment d. SegmentationSegmentationWhat is a platform used to provide telephony, video, and web conferences that can serve as an entry point to a threat actor? a. SIP b. IP voice c. Call manager d. VoIPCall ManagerWhich of the following is NOT a problem associated with log management? a. Different log formats b. Multiple devices generating logs c. Time-stamped log data d. Large volume of log dataTime-stamped log dataWhich tool is an open source utility for UNIX devices that includes content filtering? a. nxlog b. syslog c. rsyslog d. syslog-ngsyslog-ngWhich of the following is a packet sampling protocol that gives a statistical sample instead of the actual flow of packets? a. IPFIX b. sFlow c. NetFlow d. journalctlsFlowWhich of the following is the most fragile and should be captured first in a forensics investigation? a. Kernel statistics b. CPU cache c. ARP cache d. RAMCPU cacheWhich of the following is a Linux utility that displays the contents of system memory? a. memdump b. WinHex c. dd d. AutopsyMemdumpHow is the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) used? a. It is no longer used because it has been replaced by LDAP. b. It is an authenticator in IEEE 802.1x. c. It allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data. d. It serves as a backup to a RADIUS server.It allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data.Which of the following is the Microsoft version of EAP? a. AD-EAP b. PAP-Microsoft c. EAP-MS d. MS-CHAPMS-CHAPWhich of the following is NOT used for authentication? a. Something you can do b. Something you exhibit c. Somewhere you are d. Something you can findSomething you can findIlya has been asked to recommend a federation system technology that is an open source federation framework that can support the development of authorization protocols. Which of these technologies would he recommend? a. NTLM b. Shibboleth c. OAuth d. Open IDOAuthHow is key stretching effective in resisting password attacks? a. It does not require the use of salts. b. It requires the use of GPUs. c. The license fees are very expensive to purchase and use it. d. It takes more time to generate candidate password digests.It takes more time to generate candidate password digests.Which of these is NOT a reason that users create weak passwords? a. The length and complexity required force users to circumvent creating strong passwords. b. Having multiple passwords makes it hard to remember all of them. c. A security policy requires a password to be changed regularly. d. A lengthy and complex password can be difficult to memorize.The length and complexity required force users to circumvent creating strong passwords.Fernando is explaining to a colleague how a password cracker works. Which of the following is a valid statement about password crackers? a. Due to their advanced capabilities, they require only a small amount of computing power. b. Password crackers differ as to how candidates are created. c. Most states prohibit password crackers unless they are used to retrieve a lost password. d. A password cracker attempts to uncover the type of hash algorithm that created the digest because once it is known, the password is broken.UnknownWhich attack uses one or a small number of commonly used passwords to attempt to log in to several different user accounts? a. Role attack b. Online brute force attack c. Password spraying attack d. Offline brute force attackPassword spraying attackWhy are dictionary attacks successful? a. Password crackers using a dictionary attack require less RAM than other types of password crackers. b. Users often create passwords from dictionary words. c. They use pregenerated rules to speed up the processing. d. They link known words together in a "string" for faster processing.Users often create passwords from dictionary words.Which of these attacks is the last-resort effort in cracking a stolen password digest file? a. Brute force b. Rule list c. Hybrid d. MaskBrute forceWhich of the following should NOT be stored in a secure password database? a. Iterations b. Password digest c. Salt d. Plaintext passwordPlaintext passwordWhich of the following is NOT an MFA using a smartphone? a. SMS text message b. Authentication app c. Biometric gait analysis d. Automated phone callBiometric gait analysisTimur was making a presentation regarding how attackers break passwords. His presentation demonstrated the attack technique that is the slowest yet most thorough attack that is used against passwords. Which of these password attacks did he demonstrate? a. Hybrid attack b. Brute force attack c. Custom attack d. Dictionary attackBrute Force AttackWhich human characteristic is NOT used for biometric identification? a. Retina b. Height c. Fingerprint d. IrisHeight_____ biometrics is related to the perception, thought processes, and understanding of the user. a. Behavioral b. Intelligent c. Cognitive d. StandardCognitiveWhich of the following is an authentication credential used to access multiple accounts or applications? a. Federal login b. Identification authentication c. Credentialization d. Single sign-onSingle sign-onWhat is a disadvantage of biometric readers? a. Standards b. Cost c. Weight d. SpeedCostWhich of these creates a format of the candidate password to significantly reduce the time needed to crack a password? a. Rainbow b. Overlay c. Mask d. Pass the hashMaskPablo has been asked to look into security keys that have a feature of a key pair that is "burned" into the security key during manufacturing time and is specific to a device model. What feature is this? a. Authorization b. Authentication c. Attestation d. AccountabilityAttestationWhich one-time password is event driven? a. HOTP b. ROTP c. TOTP d. POTPHOTP