Chem 111 Test #3

Which of the following is not a gas at 25 degrees C and 1 atm?
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Graph, see test.A gas was found to diffuse twice as slow as helium. Based on molar mass, which of the following was the gas?CH4Which of the following conditions favor ideal gas behavior?low pressure, high temperatureWhich of the following types of electromagnetic radiation have the longest wavelength?radio wavesWhich of the following sources produces the highest energy photons?gamma rays from a starWhat is the wavelength of a photon emitted by a Kr+ laser with an energy of 3.07 x 10^-19 J? c = 3.00 x 10^8 m/s; h = 6.63 x 10^-34 J-sλ = 648 nmDiagram, see test.What l quantum numbers are possible when n = 3?0, 1, and 2What is the orbital designation for an electron with the quantum numbers n = 4, l = 2?4dHow many orbitals exist for the quantum numbers n = 3, l = 1?3Diagram, see test.Which of the following atoms has no unpaired electrons?MgWhat is the ground-state electron configuration of a Cl- ion?1s^2,2s^2,2p^6,3s^2,3p^6Which of the following ions is isoelectronic with P3-?Ca2+Which arrangement is correct for increasing atomic radius (smallest to largest)?Se < Cu < CaList the following ions in order of decreasing size (largest to smallest): O2-, Mg2+, F-O2- > F- > Mg2+Which arrangement is the correct order of increasing first ionization energy (from lowest to highest)?Cs < Na < Li