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Best describes the terms of the Treaty of Nanjing?
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Many imperialists applied this theory to human life and culture; "survival of the fittest".Social DarwinismWhich of the following did not overtake a foreign land as a colony during the Age of Imperialism?IndiaHow did the British gain dominance in India in the 1700's?established the East India Company army including native Indian troopsAn area or region where an imperialistic nation has a special interest is best described as asphere of influenceA form of imperialistic rule where the local leader is able to keep their title but rules through a European of foreign power is best described as aprotectorateA foreign country that rules another country politically, socially, & economically is known as adependent colonyLarge groups of people from one country living together in a new place is best described as asettlement colonyNorthern Africa was heavily influenced by their contact withMiddle Eastern traders and merchantsWhich resource was not important to Europeans in the early stages of trade and exploration in Africa?uraniumImperialism is defined asone country taking control of anotherWhich of the following areas was not overtaken by imperialistic nations?EuropeWest African empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhei became wealthy the _____ for _____ trade.gold, saltMany imperialistic nations were driven by the desire to control strategic locations around the world to ensure their influence. This motivating factor can best be described aspolitical/military interestsWhich word best describes the relationship between Britain and China during the early 1700's?positiveMany imperialistic nations were driven by the search for new sources of raw materials and trade markets. This motivating factor can best be described aseconomic interests