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nature of manufacturing in the later eighteenth century

the eighteenth century witnessed a rapid spread

following the death of Ivan IV, russian boyars

Time of Troubles

Peter the Great established a new capital

St. Petersburg

Inflation and commercialization in the West


The Russian radical and nobleman


What was the impact of early russian expansion

Independent central Asia

NOT an accomplishment of Tsar Michael

restoration of autocracy

NOT successfully defended by the Catholic Reformation

the Netherlands

NOT an impact of the Renaissance on politics and commerce

Under humanist influence, wars among Italian city-states

What was the relationship between Catherine the Great's government

The tsarist government

The monarch most associated with absolute monarchy

Louis XIV of France

In which of the following colonies did a fuller development

French and British colonies of North America

Which of the following statements is most accurate

Because of internal weaknesses, both the Inca and the Aztec Empires

As a result of what treaty did the French lose their colony

Treaty of Paris, 1763

NOT a drawback to the Wests emergence as a global power

The West did not begin to establish key maritime

What monarch is associated with the despotism

Frederick the Great

What was the state of the Russian economy after expulsion of the Mongols

Russia had become a more purely agricultural

What tsar was responsible for the abolition of the assemblies of the nobles


statements concerning Italian humanism

Humanists focused

which of the following states fell back from ascendancy


determined the age of marriage in Europe

access to real property

policial fragmentation of the Arabic world

After the fall of the Abbasid Caliphate

Western response to the commercial revolution of the sixteenth century

a more caring attitude

In what way did Peter the Great shift the foreign policy

Peter's wars with the Ottoman Empire and Sweden

Under what Russian ruler was Russia freeed from Mongol control

Ivan III

political impact of Calvinism

Calvinists sought the participation

NOT one of the new areas brought into the global commerical network


politically, what aspects of western culture

streamlined bureaucracy

reason why Luther picked up widespread support

German princes

NOT typical of the commerical revolution

significant reduction

at what date was the british empire in india


Renaissance begin


dominant commerical nations of northern Europe


NOT accurate statements about the Renaissance

The Renaissance failed to develop

descriptions that define mercantilism

mercantilism held that government

first Spanish colony on the American mainland


NOT a religious proposition advanced by Martin Luther

priests should practice celibacy

What Italian city-state, western-oriented


Catherine the Great's attitude toward the Westernization

Catherine flirted with the ideas of French Enlightenment

The family selected in 1613


The Edict of Nantes, issued in France in 1598

granted tolerance

The British were able to out the French

Seven Years War

NOT accurate about 1450-1750 in the West

What was once an agricultural society

What British commerical institution ruled India

The British East India Company

NOT a contributing factor to the economic crises

withdrawal from the global trading network

proportion of the European population died as a result of the plague

one third

statements accounts for the Spanish failure

Spain's internal economy

unique about the development of states in the Iberian peninsula

Spain and Portugal

Ivan IV, called Ivan the Terrible

wished to confirm

reasons suggests why common people supported the Lutheran Reformation

Lutheranism sanctioned money-making

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