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Human Intimacy


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Why has the church failed to provide a biblical perspective for sex?
1) viewed as carnal rather than spiritual
2) viewed as a vice rather than cast in holiness
What is the result of the church failing to provide a biblical perspective for sex?
many christians are uncomfortable talking about sex and thus it is an avoided or quickly plowed over topic
God's divine intent for man and woman in the garden:
united in love
united in spirit
united in passion
united in sex
united in commitment
united in monogamy
Sex as God designed it is cast in
What is the emotional response in the story of Adam and Eve before/after eating the fruit?
there was no shame to feel/shame was felt
In some way our ______ reflects the image of God
In some way our sexuality has a ______ meaning
Satan _____ the Gift of the Garden
Sex can involve _____ but _____ does not have to involve sex and sex sometimes does not involve ______
intimacy, intimacy, intimacy
The Spoiled Garden
-Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan to think there was a better way
-Eve would not submit and Adam would not lead
-Shame entered the picture; shame was associated with nakedness
-Result was separation from God
-Scripture reflects the struggle of sexual sin
What was the assumption that Dr. Morris made regarding why the tree was placed in the Garden?
God wanted to give people the right to pick, he does not want a forced relationship (i.e., Lucy and Grandma)
The Result of the Spoiled Garden
-Scripture condemns sexual impurity and as a result sex enters the realm of spiritual welfare
-Do we live by the flesh or by the spirit?
-"Chastity is the most unpopular of the Christian values."
According to Stanford University's Sexual Health Peer Resource Center
1 in 4 college students infected with as an STD
Statistics from the CDC and Prevention reports that although people ages 15-24 comprise only
25% of the sexually active population, they account for more than half of the new STD cases each year
65 million people living in the US have an
incurable STD
Estimated ___ million new infections each year in the US
What if I haven't been following God's design?
In the Shadow of the Cross Redemption Occurs
Reclaiming God's Design for Our Sexuality
-Sex is God's creation
-God knows what is best for human sexuality
-To stray from his design only results in our pain
-Humans are God's creation
-Our Quest: falling in love with God's design
The purpose of sex in marriage
procreation, pleasure, intimacy
Procreation cast in holiness
In marriage, intercourse is where we become partners with God in the act of creation. Something to celebrate
Procreation cast in sin
-Outside of a committed monogamous marital relationship, some couples fear pregnancy. Possible shame.
-Or hollywood depicts it as normal; acceptable
Pleasure cast in holiness
-God designed amazing sensations when sex is cast in holiness and we can declare without shame, "We are wonderfully made"
-Thinking of pleasing other
-Fear of vulnerability limited by safety and trust
Pleasure cast in sin
-pleasure becomes self-centered
-gratitude replaced by guilt
-"In your face" disrespect for morality. "Feel good" principle.
-Fears of what can come from pleasure (pregnancy, STDs).
Intimacy cast in holiness
-intimacy is about knowing and being known
-intimacy is about being captivated by her/his character, personality, faith, spirit (not just outward beauty)
Intimacy cast in sin
-casual sex
-not being known
-wearing a mask
-Fantasy world; lacks commitment and intimacy, and seeks self pleasure
Marriage is the only relationship that has the potential for ______, _______, and ______ to be cast in holiness
procreation, pleasure, intimacy
Sex Cast in Holiness
1. Builds up one's self-esteem
2. Is profoundly spiritual
3. Is emotionally rewarding
4. Is not self-seeking
5. Strengthens respect for one's self and others
6. Builds character (e.g., patience)
7. Turns one's heart to God and others
8. Demonstrates self-control and restraint
9. Is in the context of marriage
How God Designed Sex to Make Us Holy
It is the only context in which sexuality becomes spiritually meaningful and helpful
What happens when humans choose to not follow God's design for human sexuality and intimacy?
Problems have and will occur-Guaranteed!
It is only through God's power through us that we can:
1. Reclaim His Design
2. Reject and turn from the worldly design
3. Through His grace ask for healing, forgiveness, and a changed future that seeks to live out His good and protective design
Impact of Sexual Revolution
1. Support from science and technology
2. New emphasis on personal autonomy and increased resistance to centralized, institutionalized authority
3. Changing role of women and men
4. Emergence of organized sexuality education
5. New perspectives on sexual orientations and gender identities
6. The changing interplay of sex, romance, and commitment
1. Support from science and technology
groundbreaking surveys on sexual behaviors; data

technology advances regarding birth control, abortion, pregnancy
2. New emphasis on personal autonomy and increased resistance to centralized, institutionalized authority
saying bye to institutionalized view (church)

freedom of expression

counterculture: can't be ruled or dictated, change in values and attitudes
3. Changing role of women and men
stereotype of women's roles = no more

females voice can finally be heard
4. Emergence of organized sexuality education
organizations come together to create programs (sex ed)
5. New perspectives on sexual orientations and gender identities
self-expression in gender identities

broad/tolerant perspective
6. The changing interplay of sex, romance, and commitment
casual sex encounters
Times of Transition (Moderating Forces Impacting Perspectives on Sexuality)
1. HIV and AIDS
2. Media attention to sexuality
3. Sex, the Internet, and Social Media Technology
4. An Expanding Global Perspective
5. Sexual, Politics, Attitudes, and "family values"
6. The Biological Revolution in Sexuality
Purposes of Sex (chapter 1)
1. Procreational or traditional- sex is for reproduction purposes only
2. Relational- sex is natural component of intimate and loving relationship
3. Recreational- primary purpose of sex is pleasure (in consenting adults)
What age should males begin testicular exams?
15 years old
Sexual desire
psychological motivation for sex, incentive to act, and appetite for sexual pleasure
Sexual arousal
excitation of the body as it responds to psychological and/or physical cues and stimulations
categories of activating sexual desire and arousal
central arousal system

peripheral arousal system
central arousal system
internal factors: located largely in the emotional and pleasure centers in the brain
peripheral arousal system
external factors: stem from the spinal cord and its voluntary and involuntary nervous control mechanisms
Models of human sexual response
Masters and Johnson Four-Phase Model

Kaplan's Three-Phase Model


Masters and Johnson Four-Phase Model
1. Excitement phase
2. Plateau phase
3. Orgasm phase
4. Resolution phase
Refractory Period
in male sexual response - the period of time in which the male cannot be re-stimulated to ejaculation
Kaplan's Three-Phase Model
1. Desire phase
2. Vasocongestive phase
3. Orgasmic-release phase
Kaplan's desire phase
psychological components
Kaplan's Vasocongestive phase
build up of blood in pelvic area

accumulation of muscular tension throughout the body
Kaplan's orgasmic-release phase
vasocongestion and muscular tension are released

body returns to less excited levels of functioning
introduced the circular concept of women's sexual response
feelings & thoughts as well as sensations make up the total level of stimulation