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EMT 39

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What is the purpose of the incident command system (ICS)?
Ensuring responder and public safety
Achieving incident management goals
Ensuring the efficient use of resources
All of the above.
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Upon arriving at a scene in which the incident command system has been activated, you should expect to:
be passed from sector to sector, as needed, in between assignments.
report directly to the incident commander in between assignments.
be assigned a specific responsibility for the duration of the incident.
be given general directions and allowed to function independently.
Which of the following patients would have the HIGHEST treatment priority at the scene of a mass-casualty incident?
24-year-old man who is unconscious, has snoring respirations, and severe burns
32-year-old woman who is pulseless and apneic with an abdominal evisceration
29-year-old woman who is in full cardiac arrest with massive open chest trauma
32-year-old man with an open head injury, exposed brain matter, and no carotid pulse