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what is the difference between solids and liquids?

solid has a definite shape and liquids do not have a definite shape. they are different states of matter

Boyles Law

as pressure of gas goes up then the volume decreases

Charles Law

in constant pressure, volume increases as temperature increases


change from liquid to gas


change from liquid to vapor

what is the difference between evaporation and boiling?

they are both a change from liquid to gas but evaporation can occur below the boiling point; such as sweat


solid to liquid


liquid to solid

what is the difference between melting and freezing?

they are the reverse of each other

how would you describe the particle makeup of a liquid?

the particles are close together but moving past each other

boiling points and freezing points are examples of this


in what change of state do atoms or molecules become more ordered?


what happens as the temperature of a gas in a balloon increases?

the volume of the gas increases and the speed of the particles increases

dew collecting on a spider web in the early morning is an example of this


this change of state is exothermic


what happens to the volume of a gas inside a piston if the temperature does not change but the pressure is reduced

volume increases

what characteristics do atoms and molecules in matter have

particles attracted to each other, are constantly moving and move faster at higher temperatures

what contains plasma?


why does liquid water take the shape of its container but an ice cube does not?

ice cube is frozen liquid where particles are locked in place but in liquid water the particles can slide past each other so they can take the shape of the container

rank solids, liquids and gases in order of decreasing particle speed

gas, liquid, solid

compare the density of iron in the solid, liquid and gaseous state

solid most dense; liquid less dense and gas least dense

what are some possible states of matter?

solid, liquid, gas and plasma

what are some changes of state?

freezing, vaporization, condensation and melting

what is going on when you take a shower and see the droplets of water on a mirror?

steam from the shower makes condensation of the mirror. goes from gas state(steam) to a liquid state

when water splits to form 2 new substances, what is going on?

chemical change where water( h2o) changes into 2 new substances-hydrogen and oxygen

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