Group licensing creates an easier path for licensees to put athletes in their school gear.
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That equation of Jordan + NBA sponsor always equaled green in the 1980s and 1990s. Even 19 years after his retirement, Nike's Jordan Brand has $_____________________.7 billion in sales.4Before the "Like Mike" song was written and produced by Gatorade for a commercial with Michael Jordan, the agency working with Gatorade tried to license "I Wanna Be Like You," from "The Jungle Book" movie...trueDisney Ad Sales manages the CFP partner program, which now spans _________________ brands.13College Football Playoff (CFP) official sponsorships typically run in the low six figures annually....falseSBJ Week 9 Quiz (Both Articles):Powerade is the most active non-alcoholic beverage brand as it relates to NFL Sponsorship.false85 of the 97 deals in the food category (of NFL Sponsorships) are with brands that work with just ___________________ team.oneThe NBA's deal with its longest-standing incumbent in the ___________________ category, official gaming sponsor MGM Resorts, also is up for renewal this year.bettingChipotle in 2014 signed a sports sponsorship deal with ________________________, but that has since expired.MLS(major league soccor)The Chipotle sponsorship deal with the NHL extends through the 2034 season.falseThe new sponsorship opportunities between FanDuel and DraftKings, and the NBA is focused on connecting deeper and more intentionally between betting and media.trueAmazon may get involved with NBA broadcasting rights talks (from a purchasing standpoint) because they really may be interested in buying a broadcast network where they can place television/media rights content.trueAmazon is not well positioned for direct to consumer content distribution.falseMonday night football is considered the worst professional football television package from a media rights perspective.falseThe _______________ typically rank among the NBA's top teams for group sales.Orlando MagicSelling future experiences and player access based on league protocols while leveraging Audi Field were new areas of emphasis this season for the Texas Rangers.falseOne reason for continued disruption of the traditional group sales ticketing landscape in sports and entertainment is due to a still-gradual return of corporations to an in-office working environment...trueThe Packers gained $4,850,797 in social value over the first nine weeks of the NFL season on Twitter, the most in the league and $451,278 more than the second-place ____________________.CowboysThe average transaction takes 25 seconds and TendedBar checks are 25% higher on average than normal bar tabs. A traditional bar with 16 points-of-sale would have required 16 people working; TendedBar's 16 POS only needed eight.falseDirect to Consumer sales now account for more than a ______________________ of the sales volume for the top five U.S. athletic footwear brands (see chart). Perhaps even more telling: through September, athletic footwear purchased via smartphone exceeded those made on PCs and laptops for the first time (42% to 37%).third"If people can't find it on the shelves, they'll go wholesale, so communicating and articulating your brand regionally will be more critical..."falsePerkins and Honeysuckle (of TendedBar) signed a three-year deal with Delaware North that put ___________________ machines in Jacksonville at TIAA Bank Field and the neighboring 6,000-seat Daily's Place amphitheater.sixSeveral top-tier European soccer clubs, including AS Roma, Juventus and Paris St. Germain, have worked with the cryptocurrency startup Socios to create fan _________________________.tokensThe force behind these ownership selling efforts (stock, cryptocurrency, etc.) is a sense that sports teams have maximized their fans' extraordinary loyalty and desire to be more than just passive observers and have to find new, creative ways for funding.falseThe NBA's retail expansion in Brazil comes as the league is considering allowing teams to start bidding on __________________ marketing rights by country, including those with big NBA fan bases like Brazil, Japan, China and Mexico.globalThe NBA last month opened its NBA Store Arena in Rio de Janeiro, and the 5,000-square-foot retail space is now the third-largest NBA Store in the world, and the largest in Latin America.falseSports marketing starts with the __________ _______________.intended audienceThe audience can be what types of people?fans, neighbors, athletes, listenersMarketers try to solve "__________ ___________ ____________".consumer pain points3 objectives:measurable, quantifiable, attainableWhat 4 criteria determine if the campaign was success?>messaging >capturing new audiences >financially >repeatable__________ tells us ______ something is valuable.promotion, why___________ simply makes us more ____________ of something.Advertising, awareSports marketing in America starts with are the goods?the tangible products in sportsWhat are the services?the intangible products in sportsthe sport marketer must understand why a consumer chooses to satisfy a given want or need by ________________ a sport product.purchasingFew goods and services elicit passions and commitments as _______ does!sportStrong _________________ ___________________ leads to consistent engagement, and even a feeling of "expertise" as it related to sports and its goods and services.emotional identificationsporting events are __________________ commodities!perishablesport consumers are also __________ in that they help create the game or event that they simultaneously consume.producersWhat are the 5 P's?1. product 2. price 3. place 4. promotion 5. public relationsIn this naming rights deal, California University will receive its full share of the naming rights contract in cryptocurrency.falseFTX is also a naming rights sponsor for the Orlando Magic's basketball and entertainment arena.false____________________ sports, with its demographically diverse but educated, and often affluent, fanbase is a perfect fit for FTX's expanded sponsorship naming rights deal between FTX and California University) is part of an ongoing effort by the company (FTX) to increase _________________________ of its brand.awareness"The meeting was mostly about Jordan becoming his own ________________, having, yes, a signature shoe, and also having an image all his own."brand"PGA of America Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Price said "Understand that executives and others are watching how you perform in the ________________ that you're in."roleWhen the Air Jordan was released weeks later, it was accompanied by a radio commercial beginning with a faux-ominous voice intoning, "On October 15, Nike created a revolutionary new basketball shoe.falseTom Glick said: "The great leaders I think of are great executers. They can simplify things. They can inspire and motivate people to not only to work but work together and toward a shared purpose."falseThe steady increase of mobile device importance in sports concessions sped up rapidly during the pandemic out of ______________________ necessity.safetyA new ___________________ deal between the Professional Bull Riders and Red Ranger Coffee will see PBR-branded coffee available online and at brick-and-mortar retailers later this year.liscensingBased on the SBJ Article by Terry Lofton: There is more interest now for crypto-currency to be the form of payment that a sponsor could pay to a sport property for the sponsorship deal.trueFood and Beverage designers are still appearing late in the process of new building design as it relates to the sport fan experience.false"Impossible Foods, which makes plant-based meat, first appeared in a sports venue in 2018 but is now in _________________, including Wrigley Field and Notre Dame Stadium."56"Corporations, many of which sponsor sports teams and venues, are increasingly focused on consumption and usage goals, and moving away from shareholder-focused short-termism."falseDetroit-based Intuit markets the TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and Credit Karma brands. It has an NFL sponsorship supporting TurboTax, which has run ads in the last eight Super Bowls.falseCAA, which the Clippers retained in August '20 (Links to an external site.) to sell the arena __________________ rights, represented the team while MKTG repped Intuit in the deal.naming