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shape of cardiac cell

connective tissue

what attaches muscles to bone


the whole muscle is composed of muscle cells (fibers) grouped into bundles called


CT covering surrounding the whole muscle


CT covering surrounding the fascicles


CT covering surrounding the muscle cell


plasma membrane of muscle cell

sarcoplasmic reticulum

endoplasmic reticulum in muscle cell


intracellular fluid around organellea

terminal cisternae

part of endoplasmic reticulum-stores calcium ions


part of sarcolemma-carries action potential


t-tubule + 2 terminl cisternae


contractile proteins that make up myofibrils


myofibril composed of actin


myofibril composed of myosin

a band

dark band in myofilament

i band

light band in myofilament

z disc

protein disc that anchors thin filaments and connects adjacent myofibrils

h zone

between a bands

m line

protein fibers connect neighboring thick filaments


contractile unit of a muscle cell

muscle, fascicle, muscle fiber, myofibril, myofilament

put in order from largest to smallest: fascicle, muscle fiber, myofilament, myofibril, muscle

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