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  1. adjourn
  2. illegible
  3. compensate
  4. jeer
  5. tantalize
  1. a difficult or impossible to read
  2. b to tease, torment
  3. c to make up for
  4. d to make fun of rudely
  5. e to stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place

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  1. brief and to the point
  2. loose in one's morals or behavior
  3. the process of driving or forcing out
  4. to soil, stain, tarnish
  5. to reproduce, increase, or spread rapidly

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  1. aliento make fun of rudely


  2. fodderfood for horses


  3. erraticnot regular or consistent


  4. lucrativenot regular or consistent


  5. fortifynot regular or consistent