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  1. sully
  2. jeer
  3. fortify
  4. subjugate
  5. feint
  1. a to soil, stain, tarnish
  2. b to conquer by force
  3. c to make fun of rudely
  4. d a deliberately deceptive movement
  5. e to strengthen, build up

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  1. not regular or consistent
  2. firm, showing no signs of fear
  3. to tease, torment
  4. brief and to the point
  5. loose in one's morals or behavior

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  1. comelyto soil, stain, tarnish


  2. mediocreto stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place


  3. adjournaverage, ordinary


  4. compensatehaving a pleasing appearance


  5. aliena person who comes from a foreign country