21/22 Foods Final

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A bulb of Garlic contains many ______ClovesRootsA plants food supply is stored in it's ________Canned VegetablesPacked in water, can be easily overcookedMature FruitThis fruit has reached its full size and colorPacked in Heavy SyrupUnhealthy way to buy canned fruit.Tropical Fruitsgrown in warm climates and are considered to be somewhat exoticVegetable "Flower" ExamplesCauliflower, BroccoliCitrus Fruitsoranges, grapefruit, lemons, limesVegana person who does not eat food from any animal sourceEgg substitutes differ from regular eggs becauseThey have no cholesterolNumber of tablespoons in a stick of butter8What does calcium do for your body?It builds strong teeth and bonesBlue Cheese"Moldy" cheeseEvaporated milka processed form of milk that has had at least 50% of the liquid removed by evaporation.Parts of the Grainbran, endosperm, germAdults need to eat at least ______of their grains whole grains.50%Pasta is versatile and __________ to prepareconvenientA ____________ diet is essential to those who have Celiacs Disease.Gluten FreeWash your hands for _____ seconds.20-30What is cross contamination?When pathogens are transferred from one surface or food to another

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