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  1. 450-1066
  2. China was at peace, Charlemagne king of France and trying to expand, Mayans flourished, Mohammed the prophet founded Islam.
  3. Hadrian
  4. Sir. Thomas Mallo
  5. Mead hall
  1. a Where kings and thanes lived during this time?
  2. b Roman Emperor who built a wall in Northern England to keep out Celts.
  3. c Years of the Anglo-Saxon period
  4. d Man who wrote down stories of Arthur
  5. e Major events that occurred in other parts of the world.

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  1. Anglo-Saxon word for ruling King
  2. A gladiator who took over England from the Celts in about 44 A.D , when they ruled for 400 years
  3. Brought Christianity to England in 597
  4. 7 different kingdoms around England
  5. Old name of London, given by the Romans

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  1. FranceWhere is Normandy?


  2. baths, roads, their type of military, Latin, stone buildings, government, religious beliefs, writing, literacyContributions of Roman invaders


  3. Literacy in Latin, trade with other countries, idea of unity and peaceWhere are the Celts from?


  4. ArthurA religious group associated with Stonehedge and nature, Celtic religious group, Paegan


  5. 1066Years of the Anglo-Saxon period