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  1. Boadicea
  2. St. Patrick
  3. 1066
  4. Kent, Sussex, Wessex, Essex, East Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria
  5. Druids
  1. a Tried to bring Catholicism to the Brits in 440 but they wouldn't have it, so he brought it to the Irish.
  2. b 7 different kingdoms around England
  3. c Celtic Queen who fought against the Romans, who won some battles.
  4. d A religious group associated with Stonehedge and nature, Celtic religious group, Paegan
  5. e What year did William the Conqueror conquer England

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  1. Brought Christianity to England in 597
  2. Major events that occurred in other parts of the world.
  3. A person sings poetry and stories in song form
  4. Old name of London, given by the Romans
  5. Contributions of the Church

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  1. William of NormandyOther name for William the Conqueror


  2. England, Wales, ScotlandWhere are the Celts from?


  3. ArthurWelsh King, who went up the Anglo--Saxons, his stories were written down by Sir. Thomas Mallo


  4. bretwaldaAnglo-Saxon word for ruling King


  5. baths, roads, their type of military, Latin, stone buildings, government, religious beliefs, writing, literacy7 different kingdoms around England