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All the worksheets and charts in a workbook are saved together as one ?


To fill a range with numbers that increment by 1--such as 1, 2, 3--press and hold down the ___ key and drag the fill handle.


To insert ___ rows or columns, first select the number of rows or columns you want to insert.

Format Painter

The button that allows you to copy formats from one cell and paste the formats into another cell or range.


A formula that has already been created by Excel to perform a common calculation.


The +, -, * and / symbols are the basic calculation ___ used in worksheet formulas.


You can use the fill handle to copy data and formulas to ___ cells.


By default, Excel copies formulas with ___ reference.

Merge and Center

The button used to center the contents of a single cell over a range of cells.


Click this button drop-down arrow to insert commonly used functions such as SUM, MIN, MAX, or AVERAGE.


The function to find the highest number in a range.


The function to find the lowest number in a range.

cell reference

The intersection of a column and a row such as A2.


To deselect a chart object or cancel data entry before tapping the Enter key.

asterisk (*)

The symbol that indicates multiplication.

forward slash (/)

The symbol that indicates division.


The type of chart used to compare two or more data series.

CTRL key

To select nonadjacent cells, press and hold the ___.


A formula containing only relative references.


A formula containing both relative and absolute references.


The type of chart used to show a change in the data over time.

CTRL + Home

To immediately activiate cell A1, press the ___ keys.


A grid of rows and columns containing numbers, text and formulas.


Numbers representing values in Excels are ___ aligned unless specified otherwise.


The part of a worksheet that appears vertically and is identified by a letter at the top of the worksheet window.


Money values are typically formatted using the ___ format.


When text is longer than the width of a cell, the ___ text feature moves some of the words to a new line within the same cell.


The part of a worksheet that appears horizontally and identified by a number at the left of the worksheet.


When text is wider than the cell, you could ___ the text.


To keep row or column titles on the screen at all times, you would use the ___ feature.


If the numbers are too long for a cell, this will appear in the cell.


The ___ button formats cell contents with a % sign and two decimal places.


The range of cells beginning in cell C7 and ending in cell G4.


To sort a range of cells containing text in A, B, C order.


To sort a range of cells containing numbers from highest to lowest.


To add a dollar sign to a cell reference, tap the ___ key once.


A picture of worksheet data.


A chart that is inserted on the worksheet with the data.

equal (=)

Always begin a formula by typing the ___ sign.

decrease decimal

To remove decimal places from cell contents, click the ___ button for each decimal place you want to remove.


You can add borders and shading to selected cells with the Borders and Fill Color buttons on the ____ toolbar.


The function used to add numbers in selected cells.


The function used to find the number of employees in a company


The type of chart that shows how each part of the whole is divided.


The default alignment for text in cells.


The formatting for numbers larger than 999.


The borders around each cell.


To print with equal margins on the left and right of the worksheet, use ___ centering.


To print with equal margins on the top and bottom of the worksheet, use ___ centering.

File, Page Setup

To change the paper orientation, change margins, or to set worksheet centering, go to ?

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