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me acuesto
I go to bed
te acuestas
you go to bed
se acuesta
she, he, you formal, it go to bed
nos acostamos
we go to bed
os acostáis
you all (in Spain) go to bed
se acuestan
you all, they go to bed
me duermo
I fall asleep
te duermes
you fall asleep
se duerme
she, he, you formal, it fall ssleep
me ducho
I shower
te duchas
you shower
se ducha
he, she, it, you formal shower
se duchan
you all, they shower
me llamo
my name is (I call myself)
te llamas
your name is (you call yourself)
se llama
she, he, your formal, it name is
nos llamamos
our names is (we call ourselves)
me cepillo el pelo
I brush my hair
te cepillas los dientes
you brush your teeth
me voy
I go away
te vas
you go away
se va
he, she, you formal, it goes away
nos vamos
we go away
se van
you all, they go away
me siento
I sit down, I feel
te sientas
you sit down
te sientes
you feel
se sienta
he, she, it, you formal sit down
se siente
he, she, it, you formal feel
nos sentamos
we sit down
nos sentimos
we feel
se sientan
they sit down
se sienten
you all, they feel
se baña
she, he, you formal, it bathes (by self)
nos bañamos
we bathe ourselves
se bañan
you all, they bathe themselves
me despierto
I wake up (on my own)
te despiertas
you wake up
se despierta
he, she, it, you formal wake up
nos despertamos
we wake up
se despiertan
you all, they wake up
me lavo
I wash myself
nos lavamos
we wash ourselves
se lavan
you all, they wash themselves
me visto
I get dress
te vistes
you get dress
se viste
she, he, you formal, it get dress
nos vestimos
we get dress
se visten
you all, they get dress
me preocupo por
I worry about
te preocupas por
you worry about
nos preocupamos por
we worry about
te afeitas
you shave yourself
se afeita
she, he, you formal shave (by oneself)
me afeito
I shave myself
me maquillo
I put on make up
te maquillas
you put on make up
nos maquillamos
we put on make up
se maquillan
you all, they put on make up
me porto bien
I behave well
te portas bien
you behave well
se porta bien
she, he, you formal, it behaves well
nos portamos bien
we behave well
se portan bien
they behave well
me ato los zapatos
I tie my shoes
te atas los zapatos
you tie your shoes
se ata los zapatos
he, she, you formal, it ties their shoes
me limpio
I clean myself
se limpia
she cleans herself
nos limpiamos
we clean ourselves
se limpian
they clean themselves
me duermo
I go to sleep
te duermes
you go to sleep
se duerme
he, she, you formal, it go to sleep
nos dormimos
we go to sleep
os dormís
you all go to sleep (in Spain)
se duermen
you all, they go to sleep
me estiro
I stretch myself
te estiras
you stretch yourself
nos estrechamos
we stretch ourselves
me entreno
I work out on my own
te entrenas
you work out on your own
se entrena
he, she, it. you formal work out on your own
me miro
I look at myself
te miras
you look at yourself
se mira
she,he, you formal, it looks at himself
me levanto
I get up
te levantas
you get up
me peino el pelo
I comb my hair
nos peinamos el pelo
we comb our hair
Ellas se peinan
They feminine comb their hair
Me pongo los pantalones
I put on my pants
te pones los pantalones
You put on your pants
nos ponemos los pantalones
we put on our pants
me preparo por la mañana
I get ready in the morning
nos preparamos por la mañana
we get ready in the morning
te quitas la ropa
you take off your clothes
Ella se quita los zapatos
She takes off her shoes
Yo me relajo
I relax myself
Ella se seca el pelo
She dries her hair
nos relajamos
we relax ourselves