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Peculiar Institution
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- The richest planters and merchants were determined to control south society. - the average small farmers were "plain white folk"
- they traded more with neighbors than bought in stores
- wifes of small farmers worked in farms and did household chores
- southern families owed slaves , they had pride in being white
- quickest way to wealthin south was ownining working and selling slaves
Laws that controlled the lives of enslaved African Americans and denied them basic rights.
➢ Slaves could not leave their owner's land or household without permission or stay out after dark without an identification pass ➢ Some codes made it a crime for slaves to learn to read and write - for frear that they might pass notes to plan a revolt
➢ Slaves in most states could not:
➢ Testify in court
➢ Legally marry
➢ Own firearms
➢ Hit a white man - even in self-defense
➢ They could, however, be: ➢ Abused
➢ Tortured
➢ Whipped
➢ Plantations usually had the most slaves, as they were in a rural setting with several 100 acres of land
➢ Plantation slaves were usually housed in one or two room wooden shacks with dirt floors
➢ The wealthiest planters built slave cabins out of brick ➢ Beds were a luxury - most slaves slept on the cold, damp floor with only a cheap blanket for warmth
➢ They received a set of inexpensive linen or cotton clothes twice a year
➢ Shoes were generally provided only in winter