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Hepatitis ( sexual transmitted)
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Epididymitisinflammation of the epididymis Heaviness of testiclesToxic shock syndromeCan be fatal Cause : Staphylococcus aureus Leave in tampon too longGroup B streptPresent in female Check few weeks before pregnancy Can cause sepsis in babyBacterial vaginitisGardnerella vaginalis Doesn't affect partnerfemale reproductive systemEndometriumCholeraan acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food -vibrioBotulismClostridium botulinum forms spores that are often found in water and dirt. Spores can contaminate almost any food. The bacteria does not grow well in refrigerated or highly acidic food. However, the bacteria grows without oxygen and can produce a lethal toxin when food is time-temperature abused.Staphylococcus intoxicationCaused by staphylococcus aureusrice water stoolVibrio cholera (Cholera)Peptic ulcersAre due to Helicobacter pyloriBacillary dysenteryCaused by shigellosisMost common cause of infection diarrhea in infants and childrenRotavirusestyphoid feverSalmonellaGiardiasisprotozoaTuleremiarabbit fever Caused by Francisella tularensisCat Scratch DiseaseBartonella henselaeZoonotic Bacterial DiseasesBrucella species Primarily : SheepTypes of gangreneGas Dry WetCausative agent -Zoonotic bacterial infectionBrucella species From sheepTuleremiaRabbit feverCausative agent - TuleremiaFrancisella tulerensisCausative agent - Cat scratchBartonella henselaeVectorTransmission from bug to humanPlaque causative agentYersinia pestisRocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) causative agentRickettsia rickettsii Transmitted by ticksLyme disease causative agentBorrelia burgdorferi From black legged ticksInfectious mononucleosis causative agentEpstein-Barr virus (EBV) Enlarged spleen HPV 4 Can Catch by kissing /saliva transmissionMalaria causative infectionPlasmodium Infect RBC /hemolysisBabéiosisVector borne malaria like symptomsOrthomyxovirusinfluenzaMost common urinary tract infectionE. ColiPeptic ulcersHelicobacter pyloriWhat's caused by giardiasisParasite known as giardia lambliaCommon diarrhea infection and childrenRotavirusMultiply/reproduce bacteria in the bloodSepticemia : reproduction of bacteria in the bloodRheumatic feverStrep throat Caused by group a Streptococcus bacteria - a heart murmur do to antibodies against the heart valveInformation saclike membranePericarditis infection of pericardium of the heartCausative agent of measles mumps and rubellaToga virusVirus that causes cervical cancerHPV (human papillomavirus)Acne caused byPropionibacterium acnesKlebsiella pneumoniapneumoniaCausative agent of anthraxBacillus anthracisTuberculosis causative agentMycobacterium tuberculosisCausative agent of Pertussis whooping coughBordetella pertussisMRSAmethicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusLegionellosisbacterial lung infection caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophilaMycoplasma pneumoniawalking pneumonia, no cell wallStreptococcal pyogenesScarlet Fever, Flesh-Eating Necrotizing fasciitis, Erysipelas.Erysipelasa contagious disease of the skin and subcutaneous tissues caused by infection with streptococci organisms; redness and swelling of affected areasImpetigoinflammatory skin disease with pustules that rupture and become crustedOtitis mediainflammation of the middle ear