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Daily Oral Geography/Week 8

Week 8
What is a mapmaker?
What is the region of continuous cold around the North Pole?
Arctic region
What are the imaginary lines on Earth that run parallel to the equator?
lines of latitude
What is a line of latitude that runs through northern North America; northern Asia, and northern Europe?
Arctic Circle
What is a projection that shows land and water in relation to a central point?
equidistant projection
What is a kind of equidistant projection that includes one of the poles as its center?
polar projection
What are imaginary lines on Earth that run between the North and South Poles?
lines of longitude
What is a system for mapping the round Earth on a flat surface?
What is an imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole at zero degrees longitude?
prime meridian
What is the point on Earth located at 90 degrees north latitude, where the lines of longitude meet?
North Pole