JROTC LET 3 Midterm Study Guide

T or F: Commandeers can delegate authority and responsibilities to their subordinates.
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A word or expression of the same language that has the same or nearly the same meaning.SynonymWritten or spoken knowledge that can help illuminate the meaning of a word or passage.ContextResemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike.Analogya word that means the opposite of another wordAntonymAn element that constitutes the basis from which a word is derived by the addition of other elements such as prefixes or suffixes.Root WordWhen you are planning a meeting, what is the first thing you should do?Clarify the purpose of the meetingWhat is the #1 rule about meetingsDon't have one unless you need to have oneDuring part of a meeting, a group reviews the agenda, lists ground rules, and assigns roles. What phase of a meeting is this.StartingShelly is meeting facilitator. She is trying to get attendees to discuss a topic no one seems very interested in. What should she do.Ask open-ended questionsTom is the recorder for a meeting. Which of the following tasks does his job include?Taking notes on attendees, topic discussion, and decisions.A plan or outline for a meeting is calledAn agendaWhich of the following shows the steps of developing a project or mission in the correct order?Identify the task, gather the information, develop solutions, analyze solutions, develop the plan, implement and assess.Bills team is working on school fundraiser. He's reading an after action review from last year. Where is he in the planning process.Gather informationA Memorandum of Instruction (MOI) is a written document...Details the specifics of a project or mission.... Is a list of established actions to carrying out a given taskStandard operating procedureThe first step in continuous improvement plan is to...Identify the problemContinuous improvement is a process that is only and in the military and JROTCFalseThe product of you continuous improvement process is a(n).Documented PlanThe purpose of the memorandum of Instruction (MOI) is toGive team members information about the continuous improvement plan.The After Action Review document should compare what you planned to accomplish in your continuous improvement plan.What you actually accomplishedContinuous improvement is....The ongoing process of improvementThe act of working together is...collaborationMitigate is to...Overcome or fix a problemThe commander's roles in planning should be more directive when...There is little time to accomplish the missionWhat is the most important resource available to be a leaderPeople38Management skills can be divided into two phases of a project...Preparation and executionAs leaders move up the chain of command, they typically have __________.Less face to face contact with all people under theirr commandWhich of the following is NOT a time saving strategy?Demanding perfectionName at least two reasons why you need to know the roles and responsibilities of your battalions staff membersSo you know who to go if you have a problem or am interested on being on staff.What are the three types of staff and give an example of eachCoordinating(Primary), Personnel, Special(doctor/lawyer)Why are having good writing skills important to your future success?Communication and clarityWhat are the responsibilities of the S1Jums, Awards, and PromotionsWhat are the responsibilities of the S2Gate detail, VIP Gate detail, and inventory of rifles.What are the responsibilities of the S3Operations, Planning, and Publishing CalendarWhat are the responsibilities of the S4To maintain Supply room and issuing uniforms.What are the responsibilities of the S5To get information and battalions new outWhat are the responsibilities of the S6In charge of all sound, projections equipment, and maintaining any technology.What are the responsibilities of the BN CSMTo ensure and maintain all areas of the battalion, also coordinate with senior NCO'sPresident of the United States (Commander in Chief)The honorable Joseph R. BidenSecretary of DefenseThe Honorable Lloyd J. Austin IIISecretary of the ArmyThe Honorable Christian E WormothChief of Staff, United States ArmyGeneral James C. McConvilleCommander, TRADOCGeneral Paul E. Funk IICommander, Cadet CommandMajor General Johnny K. DavisCommander, Seventh BrigadeCOL Brent A ClemmerSenior Army InstructorCOl. (ret) Mark R. FariaCommander, Viking BattalionC/LTC Devon Brooks