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Chp 7
The part of government who carries out laws?
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
Judicial Branch
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Chp 7 What did the Federalist Papers support? The Articles of Confederation The Constitution The Bill of RightsThe ConstitutionChp 7 The first state to approve the constitution Delaware Virginia New YorkDelawareChp 7 The opening phrase of the Constitution, "We, the people," means that the Constitution gets its power from the Executive Branch State legislatures CitizensCitizensChp 7 How did Shay's Rebellion encourage a plan to revise the Articles of Confederation? -It made people worry about how a weak central government might respond to future rebellions -It encouraged farmers to ask state governments for economic relief -It gave members of the rebellion more political power-It made people worry about how a weak central government might respond to future rebellionsChp 7 What did most state constitutions have that the original United States Constitution did not have? Bill of rights A legislature the power to make lawsBill of rightsChp 7 The passage of the Land Ordinance of 1785 meant that -Groups of townships could ask to become states -The United States was now claiming territory that was also claimed by Great Britain -Settlers and investors could buy formerly public lands-Settlers and investors could buy formerly public landsChp 7 What solved the conflict between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan? The Articles of Confederation The Great Compromise The Bill of RightsThe Great CompromiseChp 7 Why did the smaller states favor the New Jersey Plan? -It offered a two house legislature -It called for equal representation -It made slavery illegalIt called for equal representationChp 7 In the Great Compromise, what part of the enslaved people in a state were included when determining representation in Congress? one quarter one half three fifththree fifthChp 7 Who became the first president of the United States? Ben Franklin John Adams George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonChp 8 An example to be followed by others in the future Speculator Precedent AlienPrecedentChp 8 The first chief justice of the Supreme Court James Madison Anthony Wayne John JayJohn JayChp 8 What was the first capital of the United States? Washington DC Philadelphia New YorkNew YorkChp 8 What is the swearing in of the President? Inauguration Precendent TariffInaugurationChp 8 A certificate that promises to repay money loaned plus interest Debt Bond TariffBondChp 8 A tax on imported goods * Debt Bond TariffTariffChp 8 In 1789, the United States was about __________ its current size * 5/5 1/4 1/2 1/81/4Chp 8 The actions of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other leaders of the United States were important because they helped determine how the __________ would work National Bank Federal Government FactionsFederal GovernmentChp 8 What was set up in 1791 to issue paper money and make loans to farmers and businesses? Bank of the United States Parliament SpeculatorsBank of the United StatesChp 8 What is NOT a challenge that George Washington faced during the beginning of his presidency? Organizing a new government Plan to repay war debt Relocation to Washington DCRelocation to Washington DCChp 8 What marked the first time that the government sent troops to fight American citizens? The tariff rebellion The whiskey rebellion The second inaugurationThe whiskey rebellionChp 8 Who was not in a faction? Thomas Jefferson George Washington Alexander HamiltonGeorge WashingtonChp 8 Who was the first secretary of the treasury? Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Alexander HamiltonAlexander HamiltonChp 8 Who was one of the first leaders of the Republican Party? Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton George WashingtonThomas JeffersonChp 8 Who disagreed with Thomas Jefferson on many issues, such as the National Bank? Alexander Hamilton James Madison Abraham LincolnAlexander HamiltonChp 8 Who was elected President in 1796? Thomas Jefferson James Madison John AdamsJohn AdamsChp 8 Which did Republicans NOT oppose? National Bank Strong state government Protective tariffStrong state governmentChp 8 John Adams was a? Republican Federalist DemocratFederalistChp 8 In 1796, who became the second vice president? Thomas Jefferson James Madison Alexander HamiltonThomas JeffersonChp 8 Who are people that invest in a risky venture in the hope of making a large profit? Speculators Candidates BankersSpeculatorsChp 8 What General defeated Native Americans at the Battle of Fallen Timbers? John Jay Anthony Wayne Chris PaulAnthony WayneChp 8 It was difficult for the United States to stay __________ when other countries were at war. Ratified Neutral NullifiedNeutralChp 8 The British seized sailors from American boats and forced them to serve in the British navy, a practice called ___________. Sedition Impressment NullificationImpressmentCHp 8 Who negotiated a treaty with Great Britain to avoid war? Anthony Wayne John Adams John JayJohn JayChp 8 George Washington set a precedent by sending _________ to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. Slaves Troops MoneyTroopsChp 8 Members of the _____________Party supported the Jay Treaty. Democratic Federalist RepublicansFederalistChp 8 Republicans tended to be more supportive of ___________, while Federalists supported Britain. Canada Spain FranceFranceChp 8 In his farewell address, George Washington warned against the dangers of political ______________. Impressment Sedition PartiesPartiesChp 8 Was NOT a part of the JayTreaty? -Stop Britain's impressment of US sailors -Make Britain pay for the ships that it had seized -Make Britain withdraw troops from the Northwest TerritoryStop Britain's impressment of US sailorsChp 8 How was the French Revolution similar to the US Revolution? -They were both fighting a monarchy -They were allies in each Revolution -Britain owned both countries at the time-They were both fighting a monarchyChp 8 A person from another country Patriot Alien NativeAIlenChp 8 What is it called when a state tries to overrule a federal law? Sedition Nullify FactionNullifyChp 8 Any activity designed to overthrow a government Sedition Nullify FerretSeditionChp 8 The idea that the union was an agreement between the states and that they therefore can overrule federal laws. State Rule States' Rights States' DecisionStates' RightsChp 8 French agents tried to get bribes from the United States and caused a scandal known as _________ The Alien and Sedition Acts The XYZ Affair War FeverThe XYZ AffairChp 8 John Adams helped the United States avoid war with ________________ in 1800 Great Britain Spain FranceFranceChp 8 During the troubles with France, _____________ in Congress passed laws to limit immigration and restrict free speech Federalists Republicans WhigsFederalistsChp 8 The debate over states' rights had been going on since the writing of the _____________ Declaration of Independence Constitution Alien and Sedition ActConstitutionChp 8 The Virginia and Kentucky resolutions strengthened the argument for what? Proper immigration A stronger federal government States' rightsStates' rightsChp 8 Who wrote the Virginia Resolution? James Madison John Jay Anthony WayneJames Madison