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  1. A truck travels to and from a stone quarry located 2.5 km to the east. What is its distance? What is its displacement?
  2. If you ride your bicycle down a straight road 2 miles and then turn around and ride back, your distance is __________________________ your displacement.
  3. Can an object be in motion if the net force acting on it is zero? Explain.
  4. Relate distance, speed, and time in an equation.
  5. At the same speed, a bowling ball is harder to stop than a soccer ball because the bowling ball has greater......
  1. a mass (inertia)
  2. b Distance= 5.0 km
    Displacement= 0
  3. c greater than
  4. d speed=distance/time s=d/t
  5. e Yes, constant speed without friction

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  1. The mass of an object
  2. a measure of how far an object has moved.
  3. zero acceleration
  4. acceleration
  5. The speed and direction with which an object moves.

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  1. Two cars are trafveling along the same road at the same speed, but different velocities. Explain.Yes
    You can be changing direction at constant speed to produce changing velocity. Any change in speed results in a change in velocity.


  2. Acceleration occurs when an object changes its_______________________ or ________________________ or both.Balanced forces


  3. Why does an object moving at a constant speed have velocity?Because it's changing direction.


  4. In the equation a=(vf-vi)/t, Vf stands for what?Final velocity


  5. Why is it necessary to wear a seat belt to hold you in place if you are riding in a car that stops suddenly?Because it's changing direction.